How to Fix Sage 50 Error Code 8591

Sage 50 Error 8591

About Sage 50 Error Code 8591

This error is one of the irritating error of Sage 50. Anyone can get this error while working with Sage. The errors happen due to the difference between the database and the server where Sage 50 is unable to establish a connection between pervasive and the reason is bug occurs.

Reason for Sage 50 Error Code 8591

  • When the program with extension W3dbsmgr.exe executes in the Windows task manager.
  • User installed impaired pervasive
  • When your firewall is configured in a manner that is preventing the pervasive to function normally
  • When the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) process not able to function normally.

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Resolution of Sage 50 Error Code 8591

Here we are providing some step by step instructions to fix this issue:

Solution 1: Close the w3dbsmgr.exe Program

Close the w3dbsmgr.exe Program

To close the w3dbsmgr.exe program follow the below steps:

  • Press Control+Shift+Esc keys
  • Go to the process button and select the same. You need to provide you are making use of a Windows Vista or 7 versions on your system. If you are using Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 then look for the Detail tab and click on the same.
  • Select the available set of image tiles of the w3dbsmgr.exe program with the mouse.
  • Click on the End Procedure button you can see on the right-hand bottom side.
  • Click on the yes option where you see a warning window.
  • Make sure to start the pervasive service another time so that the changes can apply.
  • Try to check whether you are still getting the same error message or not while opening Sage 50 account software.

Solution 2: Try to Restart the Machine

  • First try to restart the machine.
  • Once the machine is up, try to open the Sage 50 accounting software application check if the same error is repeating or not.

Solution 3: Check if Firewall Application Configured to restrict all Stream of Traffic is not precisely permitted to have Access

  • If your firewall application is not authorized the stream of traffic to access, then make modifications in the settings. You can follow the below steps
  • Go to firewall settings and enable the sage app and pervasive services to access the files in the machine.
  • Check your antivirus application settings as well and enable the sage app.
  • Recheck whether you are getting the same error or not.

Solution 4: Start WMI Another Time

  • Try to start the WMI another time, If you still continue then get back to an IT professional for the issue.

Solution 5: Remove and again Install Pervasive Service

Try to install the Sage Database Repair Utility Tool and run the same to fix the problem, else follow the below steps.

  • Go to the Run tab and try to erase the Pervasive line.
  • Once the removal process is done, click on the run tab on setup pervasive line
  • Check whether pervasive is working or not.

Solution 6: Again set up the Sage Software Application

  • Go to Control panel>>Program and features>>Sage 50 software app>> right-click on sage 50 and uninstall it.
  • Reboot the system
  • Again install the set up of Sage 50 software application.

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Final Words

So you see these are some of the main aspects, facts and features associated with the How to fix Sage 50 Error Code 8591. However if you still are encountering issues regarding the same, be sure to visit us at

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can one Fix the Error warnings within Sage Data?

Inorder to start an automatic repair of the data, you need to click Run repair. 
Note: In case you are using Remote Data Access within Sage 50 Accounts v27, the repair must be run within the main site.
In order to back up the data:
1. Click OK then click OK.
2. In case the errors are repaired, the Success window is displayed.

Why does the Sage 50 keep Crashing?

The problem could simply be due to the access level within your Windows user. To be able to test this, you need to log on as an administrator and open the Sage 50 Accounts. If you can not log on as an administrator, you need to try and run Sage 50 Accounts as an administrator:
1. Right-click the Sage 50 Accounts shortcut
2. Next click Properties

How can one Repair Sage 50 Data?

Within Windows go to the Start Menu, next select All Programs, Sage, and then Sage 50 Accounting. Next click on Company File Check & Repair. Within the Company Data File, you need to click Browse Inorder to select the file you wish to scan. Finally Select the type of scan you wish to do.

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