How to Export & Import Data Using CSV Format in Sage 50

Exporting and Importing Account Data Using CSV Format

The Sage 50 software has revolutionized the corporate and the accounting world with its wonderful features. It was developed by the Sage Group for business houses of contrary domains regardless of the fact whether it is a small or mid-sized organization or a startup which is steadily growing. The Sage software was created in such an enhanced user-friendly way that even a user from a non-financial and accounting background can acquire knowledge about it while working on it without any tussle. There can be situations where a user might have questions regarding some aspect of the software or have some doubt regarding data in Sage 50 software.

It is advisable to take help from Sage 50 tech support team as they can offer expert guidance for export and import account data using CSV format in Sage 50 from Sage trained professionals. In such conditions, you can contact the Accounting Advice. Their toll free number 1844-871-6289 is available round the clock. They will immediately give the needed solutions for any Sage related questions at any point of time.

Step to Export and Import Account Data Using CSV Format?

The first step is exporting the account Records of an existent Sage 50 file to a CSV file

  • Choose File, Import/Export, then Export Records.
  • Choose Next.
  • Go to Accounts.
  • The file has to be named that will be exported and selected as per the location to where it will export.
  • Choose Next.
  • Choose the accounts that you want to consider in the export.
  • Go to Next.
  • Go to ‘Export records Summary’ window. It will show the export procedure.
  • Choose OK, then go to Finish.

Next step is to modify the txt file into csv format

  • The Microsoft Excel has to be opened.
  • Choose File, then select Open.
  • Go to the directory that was exported. Get in touch with an expert to know about it and the further technical steps.
  •  Put in a check mark, go to Next.
  • Make any essential changes you want to the data format and go to Finish.
  • CSV file’s first line has to contain certain details. Check from Sage experts about the details so as to get a better understanding.


For more elaborated explanation of how to export and import account data using CSV Format, get in touch with the Sage tech support team at Accounting Advice. You will be happy by the speedy help.

What is Accounting Advice?

The Accounting Advice is a Sage technical support team of Sage trained professionals who can tell you about any aspect of Sage software. They can explain you the whole process of Exporting and Importing Account Data Using CSV Format and even provide tips for an amended and enhanced practical experience. The team is there at anytime of the day or night for the users of Sage. Get in touch via the toll free number 1844-871-6289.

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