How to Run Sage 50 Data Verification

Run Sage 50 Data Verification

Sage 50 is used by med-size and growing industries for thriving their business and making daily tasks smoother. Any task related to finance and accounting becomes fuss-free with Sage. It leads to enhanced productivity as work finishes quicker and in a productive way. Everyone can understand and work on the Sage software. Therefore, Sage software’s popularity is growing steadily with each passing day.

Contact the Sage experts of Accounting Advice in that case. Their toll-free number is ,  Let us discuss one such doubt that crops up while working on Sage and How to run Sage 50 data verification.

Step to Run Sage 50 Data Verification

Sage verification means verifying data if any of your data files are nonexistent or perhaps damaged. While the verification process on, if Sage 50 makes any needed changes, then the data records are congruous with the program data formats. A good example of that is that if an ID in a data has more than the maximum allowed characters, Sage 50 will make that ID null and void.

Morever, any ot be usefiles that are corrupt or cannd are deleted during the verification process. After verification, Sage 50 generates a log that details all errors that are faced. Then it creates a report on any changes that were done. Corrupt records are deleted.

  • To run the test, change the accounting period to period one.
  • Highlight the first Accounting Period on the list, and then select OK.
  • Choose File, and then choose Data Verification.
  • Both Tests have to be selected and it is recommended. Then go to Start.
  • Taking a backup of your Sage 50 data is crucial, click Save. The data verification test will automatically once the backup is complete.
  • Once the Data Verification test is finished, there is the choice to view the Error Log.
  • If none of the errors were found, go to Close.
  • In case errors were found, the user can analyze the details of the tests by clicking ‘View Error Log’ button.

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If the test finds too many errors or if your financial reports are getting affected as a result of the test, get in touch with Accounting Advice.

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