Sage Error: “Codebase Error #: -200 (Or Codebase Error #: 83805”)

Sage Codebase Error

Sage integrates Matrix to provide a wide range of tax forms and turns the most time-consuming tasks into a simple one by allowing users to complete over 250 state & federal reports automatically, review, edit, and e-file them; thereby eliminating the need to create them manually.

However, while preparing reports or printing a form, Sage 50 may prompt an error – CODEBASE ERROR #: -200

What is Sage Error: “Codebase Error #: -200 (Or Codebase Error #: 83805”)

The error occurs while using Enhanced Tax Reporting using Aatrix (software that provides the widest range of tax form ) and throws an error stating Sage 50 Data File Database Corruption Detected or β€œCodebase Error #: -200 or Codebase Error #: 83805β€³ to be more precise.  And further states that the File is not a data file database corruption detected in Dat.bdf”

This could also be triggered when antivirus software is scrutinizing the data files and disabling it will allow the processing to run smoothly.


Total Time: 35 minutes

Section I: Replacing the History folder

πŸ’  Search for the valid backup that was taken prior to the last tax form processing
πŸ’  Now Rename the backup file and add .zip as the extension.
πŸ’  Rename the Histories folder to Old Histories in your individual company
πŸ’  Open this newly renamed .zip file > Copy the Histories directory to the individual company folder > Now start the Tax Form Selector and work with the forms
πŸ’  Start the tax form selector and process your forms.

Section II: Disabling the Antivirus

πŸ’  If the above procedure doesn’t rectify the error, then try disabling the Antivirus This is with special reference to Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security ver. 7.0 or Total Defense Antivirus & Security
πŸ’  To verify if it’s the antivirus that is preventing the software from opening try opening the form in β€œSelective Startup or Safe mode with Networking”
πŸ’  If Safe mode with Networking or Selective Startup runs it, then allow the files through the firewall and antivirus
πŸ’  There are many files that need to be allowed including
πŸ’  Peachw.exe
πŸ’  PeachtreePrefetcher.exe
πŸ’  SmartPostingService[Version].exe
πŸ’  PeachUpd.exe
πŸ’  SageReg.exe
πŸ’  Sage.overdrive.cloudbackup.exe
πŸ’  Sage.Data.Exchange.Client.exe
πŸ’  SageOverDrive.exe
πŸ’  w3dbsmgr.exe
πŸ’  w3lgo103.exe
πŸ’  Aatrixforms.exe
πŸ’  Updater.exe
πŸ’  Updater2.exe

For more on how to allow these files through – call AccountingAdvice for help

Section III: Configure Trend Micro

If you are using TrendMicro protection for i-cloud security then allow it and include it in the exception list
Right-click the Trend Micro Icon and open the Main console

πŸ’  Select the PC Mobile tab
πŸ’  Go to PC & Internet Security > Select Exception Lists
πŸ’  Select Programs and Folders > Add > Browse
πŸ’  Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peach\FormViewer
πŸ’  Select these 3 files – aatrixforms.exe, updater2.exe, and the viewer.exe files
πŸ’  Again select Add > Browse.
πŸ’  Navigate to C:\Users\(Windows users profile)\AppData\Local > select Aatrix Software folder and check the box to the left of the new exception > Apply > OK.
πŸ’  Check if you can open the Payroll Tax forms with the Trend Micro Security enabled now

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