Register Sage 50 2020

Register Sage 2020

Registration is important that you get the key to activate your software and then you can easily use it. It is important for both who is a new user and who is an existing user upgraded to another edition. Here you get to know how to register your software.

The best Method to Register Sage 2020

Follow the procedure to get it done smoothly without any issues:-

For Registering your Sage 50 2020 Copy

Method 1: Get the Key Code and the Account ID

  • You must receive a registration email with the Key Code, password, and the Account ID
  • Register your product in the business working hours
  • The Account Id is your 10 digits identification number
  • Password is used by you to log in program and access it
  • The Key Code is a string consists of 23 characters. It is not case sensitive so you can easily enter it. In this, there is no use of O and I alphabets if there is any then replace it with 1 and 0 respectively.

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Now provide all the information in your program for activating it

  • When the Sage 50 2020 is opened on your system
    • In your Sage account, click on the Help menu option
    • Then click on Activate Sage 50 Accounting option from further options displayed
  • After that provide the following information:
    • Company Name-Type the company name that is same as mentioned in your mail that you receive for registration
    • Account ID- In this, you have to enter the 10 digits number that is also your identification number. Don’t mention any space or dashes or any other symbols in between. You get this in the email of registration that you get after buying the product.
    • Serial Number- It is in the email that you received. The serial number is related to the Sage 50 edition that you want to activate.
    • Key Code- It is also mentioned in your email in the form of 23 alphanumeric characters called a string. It won’t use and O and I letter in it so if you found any use the 1 and 0 in place of it. The key code string is not case sensitive.

You have to enter the key code manually by retrieving it if you buy the software for monthly use. To do so, manually enter key code by checking Use this key code and then enter key code in it

Check that internet is working then also, check to retrieve my key code from the Sage 50 Accounting option. Then you get a confirmation message after processing the key code

  • In the end, click on the OK button.
  • When the Sage 50 is not opened on your system
    • Firstly, open the software Sage 50 2020
    • Then go to the product registration window
  • Select the Activate now option
  • Then enter the information like Company name, Serial Number, Key Code, and Account ID
  • In the end, click on the OK button.
  • When you upgrade the Sage 50 for activation
    • It is the optional method
    • For this, go to the Help menu
  • Then click on the Upgrade Your Sage 50
    • Now do enter the key code that you get in the email after upgrading the software
    • You can also manually add the key code
    • Check to Use this key code then enter the code in the field
  • Check the internet and check option Retrieve my key code from Sage 50
  • You get the confirmation message on your screen
  • After this, click on the OK button.

For registering the Education and Student’s version of Sage 50 2020

In this, the same steps of registering a Sage copy are done for registering the student’s and education version. In all this, the main information you need is Key Code, Account ID, Serial Number, and Company Name. All these things are mentioned in your email that you received. The registration is done online so do apply for it.

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Final Words

So, you see, registration is an important aspect required for activating the key of your software. This also allows the user to be able to use the software easily, both for the existing user and the new user. However, if you still have doubts regarding the same, you need to log on to and you are sure to have your doubts resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can a user Register their Sage 50 Account?

To do so, you need to:
1. The user must activate their software before using the program.
2. Start by Launching the Sage 50 Accounting.
3. Next, Click Activate Now.
4. Now Enter the activation key code from within the registration email.
5. Finally, Click OK to activate the software.

How can the User Activate the Sage 50?

To enter or update the Sage 50 activation information, navigate to the Help menu and select the Sage 50 Activation. This leads to the Activation taking place over the Internet. Nevertheless, if you have reached the limit of times you can still use Sage 50 without activating and cannot connect to the Internet, this way will have the option to manually activate.

How can one Set up the Sage 50 User?

To do so, you need to:
1. Log into Sage 50 Accounts as the Logon name MANAGER.
2. Next, Click Settings 
3. Now click User Management and click Users. 
4. Next, Click New then click the required user type 
5. Finally, click Continue.

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