Fix Issue While Edit One Vendor in Sage 50 2018

Editing One Vendor in Sage 50 2018

Various startups and steadily growing organizations are using the Sage software increasingly. Sage 50 has various features that make daily tasks related to finance and accounting much simpler. A non-accounting person can use it too.

However, occasionally there might be doubts while working on the software. In case of any uncertainty and issues, contact the proficient team of Sage experts at Call on the toll free Sage 50 technical support number . Let’s discuss one such issue that users might face while working on Sage.

Problems in Edit One Vendor in Sage 50 2018

This problem while editing One vendor in Sage 50 2018 crops up when you are trying to change the name of one vendor, but it will not allow you to do so and a pop up with an error message will come.

  • Clicking Maintain shows a message
  • Error depicts “A managed exception has been caught” while any of the maintenance windows is clicked
  • Error: “A managed exception has been caught” when Maintain Employees/ Sales Rep is clicked
  • Formula existed last year
  • Error: “A managed exception has been caught” when Maintain Vendors is clicked
  • List of vendor IDs do not appear in reports
  • In the navigation window, if any customer, vendor, inventory, employee is selected, it displays an error.

Reasons of Error in Edit One Vendor in Sage 50 2018

  • Microsoft .NET Framework is disabled or damaged
  • NET errors in Event Viewer
  • Damaged data
  • Crypto Wall virus damaged the company
  • Crypto Wall virus damaged backup files
  • Company data folder is damaged
  • Damage of DDF files
  • Damage of content

Step for Fix Problems in Edit One Vendor in Sage 50 2018

Please note that it is crucial before following the below mentioned advanced methods to take a data backup. Furthermore, it is advisable to take help from Sage 50 technical support experts to understand the process and complete it in a secure way. A Sage expert can make you understand the whole process in a simple way.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Case I: Company directory contains the damaged DDFs files

πŸ’  Select File from top then go down to Open Company
πŸ’  Make a note of the Directory that is there next to the company name.
πŸ’  Browse to that location in Windows File Explorer
πŸ’  All DDF files have to be selected
πŸ’  Right-click it and choose Delete.
πŸ’  Open Sage and your company.
πŸ’  Select Yes when asked to recreate the deleted files
πŸ’  Sage has to be re-opened and verify whether you can now open a maintenance window or not.

Case 2: Uninstall or Re-install .NET Framework

πŸ’  Uninstall .NET 4.5 in Windows Features.
πŸ’  Computer has to be rebooted.
πŸ’  Installing .NET 4.5 in Windows Features.
πŸ’  Install after allowing Windows to download the installation files
πŸ’  The computer has to be rebooted.
πŸ’  You have to then open Sage and check if you can now open a maintenance window.

There can be other scenarios too like if it happens in a sample company or a non-sample company. For detailed discussion, contact You will be glad by the instant and step-by-step resolutions.

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