Sage E-Banking Error – ‘Unknown Bank Specified’ or ‘No Banking Specified’

sage e banking errors

Sage is a very useful software which ensures business development in all the sectors of the business. There are various features which allow the consumers to track every event in the organization. From inventory management to taking top level decisions, every stat is produced by the software.

While working with the software, there could be possibilities of error prompting. One of those errors can be Sage E-Banking Error –”unknown bank specified”. This error can only pop up when there is no banking tool or component selected. This error can be fixed by adding a banking component and then further setting up e-banking for the business.

In this piece we have described the process of adding banking component in the software and also the procedure to setup e-banking system for the business.

Procedure to Sage Set up E-Banking:

Downloading and Installing the Tool

  • Visit the website and then go to the e banking page
  • In the left cordon tap compatible banks
  • Get the location of the bank in the list
  • Now firstly download the plug in and then the concerned file
  • Install the tool by following all the wizards

Configure E-Banking and Enter Company Details

  • Go to company and then go to settings
  • Select your bank and then enter all the details asked
  • Enable e-Banking by marking the check box
  • In the list of tools, select the software of the bank
  • Select Config and then finish the configurations for Sage e-Banking

Setting up Employees for Payments

  • Select the list of significant workforce and then select employee
  • Select employee record and then select employment
  • In the payment method, select BACS
  • In the banking option, put in all the details of the bank
  • Save and next
  • Repeat this for all the employees
  • Close and exit

Create and Import File to the Software

  • Select the list of significant workforce and then select payroll
  • Select e-Banking and then tap ok
  • Confirm all the values
  • Unmark the workforce which is not to be paid
  • Tap post and then tap ok
  • You can also change your file name and location.
  • Save and Exit

Sage Support Number – 1844-871-6289

Sage e-Banking error concern has only one reason to prompt i.e. the missing banking component in the software. The above procedure would allow you to fix the banking error in the software. In case you are unable to progress with the procedure or in case you’re stuck with the process, you can contact our Sage customer support toll free number 1844-871-6289 and speak to the domain experts who are available to guide you 24/7.

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