How to Use Telnet Command in Sage 50

Telnet Command in Sage 50 Accounting Software

Sage 50 helps businesses perform their accounting and bookkeeping functions with utmost efficiency. It harnesses the power of internet and connectivity and facilitates sharing of data between computers as well. Thus it provides much-needed flexibility to its users. By using the ‘Telnet command in Sage 50‘, you can test the connection to a particular port in your computer.

Are you yet to use this command in Sage 50? You are definitely missing something! But don’t bother! We have it covered for you! Just go through this blog. Here, we will provide a few simple steps to use the Telnet command in Sage 50. Just implement them sequentially and start using the Telnet command, as and when you need.

Steps to Use the Telnet Command in Sage 50

  • First, search for the IP address of your server or main computer. For this,  type  IP config in the command prompt. Note down the IP address appearing on your screen.   
  • Dial the Windows and the R keys together on your keyboard.
  • Type CMD In the Run menu.
  •  Click OK to proceed.
  • The command prompt will be visible on your screen
  • Now type Telnet <IP Address> 13531.

Note: “For example, if the IP address of your server is, then Type Telnet 13531. Do not include ‘<>’ while entering the IP Address on the command prompt”

  • If you notice a blank cursor on your screen, the connection is alright. In this case, you can close the command prompt window.
  • In case you receive the message that Telnet is not recognized as an internal /external command, batch file or operable program, you will need to enable Telnet.
  • Even after doing this, if you still get an error or are not able to telnet to the server, contact your designated Network Administrator.

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Final Words!

We hope the simple steps provided above would help you use the Telnet command in Sage 50. Follow the given below steps. Talk to us, if still you are facing any difficulty.

💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

Q1. How can I Enable Telnet on My Server or Workstation?

Ans: Please follow the below-mentioned steps-
⏩ Click on Start
⏩ Navigate to Control Panel
⏩ Then Click on Programs and Features (On some operating systems, it will be seen as Programs)
⏩ Tick to ‘Turn Windows Features’ on or off
⏩ Tick the boxes for both the Telnet Client and Telnet Server
⏩ Click OK to proceed
⏩ Check if you are able to Telnet the port now.

Q2. While Doing Telnet to a Port, I Received the Error Message ‘Could not Open Connection to the Host’. How to Resolve this?

Ans: Users mostly receive this error message if the connectivity of the port between the server and the client is blocked and this issue is usually related to the firewall installed. To solve this, you will need to open the port of the firewall for the incoming traffic of the server and/or the outgoing traffic of the client.

Q3. How Can I Telnet From the Command Prompt?

Ans: Please follow the below-mentioned steps-
⏩ Press the Windows and the R keys together on your keyboard.
⏩ Type CMD In the Run menu.
⏩ Click OK to proceed
⏩ The command prompt will appear on your screen
⏩ Now type Telnet .


Telnet Command in Sage 50 Accounting Software
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