How do I Share a Company Data File using Remote Data Access (Formerly Sage Drive)?

How do I share a company data file using Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive)?

Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) is an accounting and payroll software designed to make accounting tasks easier for companies of all sizes. It has a variety of features, including cash flow management, report creation, payroll monitoring, revenue analysis, and more. Despite its comprehensive features, the desktop-based Sage 50 framework lacks access at any time and from any place. With Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive), you can make it possible as well. One can access Sage 50 remotely by harnessing the power of the cloud. In this guide, you’ll get to know how to share a company file using Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive) including other relevant information about remote data access.

What is Remote Data Access?

When it comes to working on your accounts, you no longer need to be sitting at the office to work on Sage 50 Accounts with Remote Data Access. You can safely store a copy of your account data in the cloud, and then use the Internet to access and update it from anywhere. You get all of the benefits and dependability of your desktop applications, plus the added versatility of cloud data sharing.

Moreover, remote access allows remote users to access files and other system resources on any networked computers or servers at any time, boosting employee productivity and allowing them to communicate more effectively with colleagues around the world.

Advantage of Remote Data Access

Remote Data Access is a solution for people who frequently use Sage 50, and it has the following benefits:

  • It’s possible to operate from home or remotely.
  • Entry to information outside of business hours; for example, you need to send out some sales invoices on the weekend.
  • It is not necessary to submit backups on a regular basis.
  • Sage isn’t restricted to a single machine.
  • Increased worker collaboration or access to tools not accessible on a single computer may also add value.
  • Expansion of computer access is often associated with the emergence of new and more serious security concerns.
  • Cloud-based applications and virtual private networks (VPNs) have improved their ability to provide security when accessing devices remotely.
  • To gain a competitive edge, modern business operations now depend on these advanced and versatile tools.

Step to Share a Company Data Files using Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive)

  • First, click File >> Remote Data Access
  • Next, choose the option “Yes, I am the right person”
    • You will be asked to create an Administrator password if you do not already have one
    • Enter a user name >> select a password >> confirm the password and then hit Save
  • Fill out the required address information in order to confirm the company information
    • After you’ve filled out all of the details that aren’t marked as optional, the Confirm button will appear.
  • Now, you have to follow the procedure to enter and register a Sage account
  • After that, click Maintain >> Users >> Set Up User Security to display the “User Security” window
  • Add a new Sage 50 users and then click Save followed by Close tab
  • At last, hit “Ok” when this message displays on your screen “Sage 50 will start uploading your company for remote access after you finish the changes in the User Security window” and then close the window.


Above steps surely will help you to share a company data file using Remote Data Access. In any case you are still unable to do it, then you must connect with our Sage support team for the instant help.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the System Requirements for Remote Data Access (formerly Sage Drive)?

To use the Remote Data Access, the following system requirements you need to have:
1. Internet Connection: It is suggested all sites need a minimum of 4Mbps download Speed and 2Mbps upload Speed. You can also avoid using a wireless Internet connection.
2. Version Numbers: Check that all computers are running the same version of Sage 50 Accounts and that the most recent updates are installed.

How to Connect to Remote Data Access on a Remote Computer as a User or as an Accountant?

1. Open Sage 50cloud Accounts, if an Active Setup wizard appears then proceed to step 3
2. If you have a multi-company license in the Select Company window and then click on “Add Company”
If you don’t have an additional business license and already have a listed company, click your local company, then Replace Company, then OK. Click Add Company if only Demonstration and Practice Data are mentioned
3. Go to the Active Setup wizard and select “Connect to data from Sage Drive” then hit “Next”
4. Click Sign In after entering your Sage ID email address and password
5. Enter the Captcha text if asked, then press Continue
6. Then click Next after selecting the company data you want to connect
7. Enter the shared data encryption password, click Connect, and then log in to your company
8. Finally, you will receive “Congratulations on your achievement! You can now access your company data on Sage Drive from anywhere in the world”.

How do I Disconnect and Reconnect to Remote Data Access on a Remote Computer?

Any remote locations must detach and reconnect to the latest copy of the data if a company is removed from Remote Data Access and then re-uploaded.

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