How to Use Sage 50 with a VPN

Use Sage 50 with VPN

Utilizing Sage 50 with a VPN can assist you to gain access to the software when you are working from a remote area. Now that we have entered into the great-age of ‘remote working’ it is not a surprise that we require all the tools and techniques needed to acquire complete access once working in a questionable location. Nevertheless with the perfect kind of required ‘know-how’, one can easily ‘connect’ their systems, documents, and files remotely as well.

But, what is remote access all about? Well, simply stated, one can easily connect their system to any other system in some other location through the remote access. This is to be able to gain access with consent and to be able to view and check out the necessary documents, files, and others. Nevertheless, the software that supports the remote access mainly comprises well-specified security protocols and thresholds in order to gain access and function as required. So, how can one use Sage 50 with a VPN? This is Also known as a Virtual Private Network, or VPN and one can easily work with Sage by using the same. 

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Before we start, you might be knowing that Sage needs to be run on a Remote Desktop Server (RDS). This  is a server that is designed to run multiple desktops for multiple users. Thus, RDS can either be accessed over a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or directly through the internet. VPN is the most secure process in this case and is also recommended. So, bear in mind that Sage 50 or 200 should not be accessed directly via VPN, as it is not supported by Sage and could result in overall data corruption.

You can easily follow the below Various steps mentioned below, before going to below steps you need to make sure for some steps:

  • A multi-user license is needed to work with sage
  • Internet connection is required for most of the options
  • It is not recommendable to use sage in the wireless network
  • Sage is not compatible with the WAN

Option 1 – Transfer Backup

  • Make a backup at any location and then transfer it to the other location, and after that restore the backup
  • This process does not allow the at once use because the transactions mentioned at one location will be overwritten when the backup from other place is restored

Option 2 – Virtual Private Network

  • Sage can surely work on VPN however, it is not recommended due to many performance issues
  • Sage is not able to provide the support for the VPN set up or any troubleshooting
  • Third-party add ons may not work at VPN environment

Option 3 – Remote Desktop Solutions

  • Sage works with the remote desktop solution such as GoToMyPC, Log Me In, Teamviewer, etc
  • Sage does not provide the support for maintaining the remote desktop solutions
  • Some of the third party add-ons many work when using the remote access
  • If anyone is using the remote desktop to use sage, sage doesn’t need to install on any remote computer, only in office computer

Option 4 – Use a Cloud-based Hosted Solution

  • There are many third-party companies which host your data in a secured cloud-based solution
  • Sage does not support any specific company, but you can search the ” hosted cloud Peachtree” or ” hosted cloud sage 50″ for a list of companies which provide these services

Option 5 – Virtual Environments

  • It is not advisable to operate the Sage 50 accounting in either one of the virtualization solutions available such as parallels Desktop for Mac, VMWare fusion. You may also note a significant decrease in performance and could be greater data loss or corruption
  • Although Sage 50 is known to run on parallel in a virtual environment, still sage 50 don’t bear the setup configuration, or troubleshooting or Windows Parallels on Mac OS

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Final Words

How to use SAGE 50 with a VPN might come with its own types of advantages and disadvantages, however, the process is quite possible. The best part is that you can easily access delicate details and confidential data without  the risk of losing data as a result. Finally, the user must keep  in mind that when they are accessing the software VPN-based, all the needed  procedures should be well followed inorder to avoid unwanted errors. However, be sure to visit us at and you are sure to discover some great details.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can one work Sage 50 over VPN?

Yes, this can be done using Something like a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is an alternative to Remote Data Access, however Sage 50cloud is best being run on a Remote Desktop Server via a VPN instead of being used directly.

Can one use Sage 50 Remotely?

In order to do this, you need to:
1. Launch Sage 50 Accounts and log in to your selected company data by using the Manager login
2. Now click Select Settings > go to User Management > go to Users
3. Next Click Manager > Now click Edit
4. Now Check the Allow Remote Data Access check-box > now click Continue
5. Next Enter and confirm the passphrase to be utilized when remote users connect to your data. Other users might also  need this when they connect to the data remotely for the first time.
6. Ensure that your passphrase is a minimum of 15 characters including one uppercase and lowercase character
7. When prompted, you need to enter your Sage account, which is the online account, email and password > now Log in.
8. The data will now be uploaded over to the Remote Data Access and once it has been completed, you click
9. You have now set up Remote Data Access and can start to connect to it from other sites

How can one Connect Sage 50 to the Server?

To do so, you need to:
1. Start by Running the Sage 50 installer as administrator.
2. Now Accept the user license agreement.
3. Next click Select the installation type.
4. Now Select the type of installation according to the available product licenses.
5. Start installing Sage 50 over your server.
6. Finally Wait while the installation completes.

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