How to Use Sage 50 with a VPN

Use Sage 50 with VPN

Sage provides you a vast range of tools and working procedures to work as per your comfort. The below article describes you how to use sage with a VPN. You can easily follow the below Various steps mentioned below, before going to below steps you need to make sure for some steps:

  • A multi-user license is needed to work with sage
  • internet connection is required for most of the options
  • It is not recommendable to use sage in the wireless network
  • Sage is not compatible with the WAN

Option 1 – Transfer Backup

  • Make a backup at any location and then transfer it to the other location, and after that restore the backup
  • This process does not allow the at once use because the transactions mentioned at one location will be overwritten when the backup from other place is restored

Option 2 – Virtual Private Network

  • Sage can surely work on VPN however, it is not recommended due to many performance issues
  • Sage is not able to provide the support for the VPN set up or any troubleshooting
  • Third-party add ons may not work at VPN environment

Option 3 – Remote Desktop Solutions

  • Sage works with the remote desktop solution such as GoToMyPC, Log Me In, Teamviewer, etc
  • Sage does not provide the support for maintaining the remote desktop solutions
  • Some of the third party add-ons many work when using the remote access
  • If anyone is using the remote desktop to use sage, sage doesn’t need to install on any remote computer, only in office computer

Option 4 – Use a cloud-based hosted solution

  • There are many third-party companies which host your data in a secured cloud-based solution
  • Sage does not support any specific company, but you can search the ” hosted cloud Peachtree” or ” hosted cloud sage 50″ for a list of companies which provide these services

Option 5 – Virtual Environments

  • It is not advisable to operate the Sage 50 accounting in either one of the virtualization solutions available such as parallels Desktop for Mac, VMWare fusion. You may also note a significant decrease in performance and could be greater data loss or corruption
  • Although Sage 50 is known to run on parallel in a virtual environment, still sage 50 don’t bear the setup configuration, or troubleshooting or Windows Parallels on Mac OS

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