Sage Install Error 1628 – How to Fix

Sage Install Error 1628

Are you Looking for ways to fix Sage 50 Error 1628? Well, we are here to help. Error 1628 is a common Sage 50 error that leads to the following error message “Error 1628: Failed to complete installation”. This generally occurs because your Microsoft .NET Framework is either out of date or damaged completely. Nevertheless, the error message can also appear if some of your Windows system files have been corrupt or damaged or if your system has recently recovered from a malicious attack. In this article, we will try to fix and resolve the problem and also delve the main reasons for this:

This kind of Sage 50 error 1628 occurs when you try to uninstall Sage Simply Accounting or the Payroll/Product update.

In order to fix the problem, we recommend you to follow the given below instructions carefully otherwise there no special consideration or instruction to begin following the solution steps.

However, the only thing that you should keep in mind while fixing this Sage install error 1628 is to ensure that your Sage Simply Accounting application is installed on the computer. Also, it is important to check that the Product/Payroll updated matches with the version of the program you are using.

So how do you check the version of the application you are using? Here are the steps to check the version of your application:

  • Highlight on the icon of your application on your desktop. You will see the Simply Accounting name as well as its version.
  • Now open up Sage Simply Accounting and go to Help.
  • Then click on About Sage Simply Accounting.

Once done, follow the solution steps to fix the Sage install error 1628.

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Causes of Sage Install Error 1628

Let us take a look at some of the main reasons for the error:

The users usually encounter with some reasons that could lead to 1628 and various other error codes as well:

  • The corrupt download can lead to invalid or incomplete installation.
  • Because of the software’s invalid installation process, the Windows registry might also get corrupted.
  • Malware or viruses can also corrupt the process of installation.
  • Software can also get corrupt because of the missing company files. This can be due to the intervention of Antivirus or firewall settings.
  • The error may also be caused due to the other active software processes going on at the time of installation.

Solution to Fix Sage Install Error 1628

  • Temporarily disable/turn off your firewall/Antivirus.
  • Now delete the Temp folders from your computer.
  • In case you receive this error while installing the Product/Payroll update, then:
    • Include an x at the starting of this folder located under C:\Program Files\Installshield Installation Information.
    • Also, it is recommended to re-download the Sage Simply Accounting application.
  • Run the installation as an administrator:
    • In case you are running the installation from a CD then browse to the CD and then right-click on the setup.exe file.
    • Now click on Run as Administrator.
    • And in case you downloaded the installer then right-click on the file and after that click on Run as Administrator.
  • However if you receive the error while installing Sage Simply Accounting, we suggest you to install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.
  • And install the required product update again.
  • Unfortunately, the above steps don’t work then we suggest you to reinstall your Reinstall Sage Simply Accounting application.

Or also, you can avail professional technical support services to fix the problem. And we at provide wide-ranging technical support services to diagnose and troubleshoot any kinds of Sage error or problem proficiently. We provide unprecedented technical assistance to troubleshoot Sage install error 1628.

How to Resolve the Error 1628 in Sage 50? – Video Tutorial

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Final Words

So, there you have it people, these are some of the main aspects of discussion about SAGE INSTALL ERROR 1628-HOW TO FIX. However if there are still some issues regarding the same, be sure to visit us at and you are sure to be surprised with the information offered.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can one Fix the 1628 Failed to Complete Installation?

In order to do so, you need to:
1. Rename C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\.
2. Navigate to Start > Program Files > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup, and clean out the z and Temporary Internet Files.
3. Next Reboot the computer.
4. Finally, Manually delete the contents of the Temp folder.
5. Lastly, re-run the installation.

What is meant by Error 1628 when uninstalling?

This generally means that the system has Failed to complete script based install. This error message is mainly caused by the Windows Installer Service and can be caused by the installation itself. The other reason for this error message can also be when the uninstallation log file becomes corrupt.

How can one Fix Installation Failure?

In order to do this you need to:
1. Ensure that your device has enough space. 
2. Run Windows Update a couple of times. 
3. Check third-party drivers and download any updates as required. 
4. Unplug the extra hardware. 
5. Now Check Device Manager for errors. 
6. Remove third-party security software.
7. Next Repair hard-drive errors. 
8. Finally, conduct a clean restart into Windows.

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