How to Fix Excel Runtime Error 13 Type Mismatch in Windows OS?

excel runtime error 13

When you work on Microsoft excel there may appear an error named excel runtime error 13 on the screen. It is an inconsistent error that occurs during code execution in MS Excel. There are many reasons behind this error such as sudden termination of all processes on Microsoft excel, or more. This issue signifies that excel users try to run VBA code with mismatched data types in the right manner. The below article is rounded up with the troubleshooting guide to fix excel runtime error 13 type mismatch in Windows OS.

What are the Primary Causes of the Excel Runtime Error 13 type Mismatches in Windows OS?

Several reasons are behind this issue. Here is the list of causes that lead to the error:

  • If there arise Microsoft Excel and operating system conflicts
  • Virus attack
  • Datatype mismatch when running a VBA file
  • Wrong and faulty configuration of the Microsoft Excel application
  • Corrupt Excel workbook

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How to Fix Excel Runtime Error 13 Type Mismatch?

Following is the list of methods to resolve excel runtime error 13 type mismatch:

Total Time: 35 minutes

Method 1- Use Open & Repair Utility Option:

MS Excel automatically uses the File recovery option once it finds a corrupted worksheet. It will fix the corrupted excel files. When excel fails to get the File recovery mode automatically.  Here is the list of steps to use the utility:

●       Open the Excel program
●       Locate the File button and then click open
●       Choose the Excel file
●       Hit drop-down named Open
●       Select Open & Repair option
●       Choose Repair tab to recover option or Hit Extract Data button to extract formulae and values

Open & repair button:

Excel has its repair utility option to fix minor corruption or damaged file in Excel workbooks. Below is the list of steps to setup utility:

●       Open the Microsoft Excel
●       Locate the File tab
●       Hit Open button
●       Search for the minor damaged or corrupted excel file
●       Hit on Open tab in the lower right corner
●       Choose the Open & Repair option using the drop-down
●       It will appear excel dialog box, asking for the permission
●       At last hit Repair option

Method 2-Resolve files corruption:

Microsoft Excel recovery tool is one of the trusted utilities to resolve the excel error code 13 type mismatch in OS. This tool is used to fix a damaged excel file & other existing items.

Method 3-Uninstall the issue causing the application:

It is found that some programs & systems cause the runtime error. Now uninstall those programs or applications to resolve the Excel file runtime error. Here are the steps :

●       Open the Task Manager & locate the corrupted program and stop it
●       Hit Start button
●       Choose Control Panel tab
●       Click on the button named Add or Remove program/uninstall a program in the Control Panel window
●       Enlist all the installed applications on the PC
●       Choose MS Office and then hit Uninstall button to remove it from the System

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Hopefully, the above information is helpful!  If the same error persists in the Excel file named XLS/XLSX then reach the professional team. Use a live chat, phone number, or email address to contact the same. Our professionals are always available to resolve your queries at the earliest. Over a period of time, we have gained a significant reputation in the remote assistance of accounting software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can running a system fix the excel runtime error message 13 type mismatch?

Yes, if there is a system error you can fix the error if a virus attack is the cause of the issue. Thus, in case you are not running an antivirus scan, you just need to do it now. Install a reliable anti-virus system and scan the computer.

How can I perform a full window PC scan for Malware?

●       Hit Start option
●       Find the button named Microsoft security essentials and then open it
●       Hit Scan now tab
●       Verify the Full scan button is already chosen while scanning

How would I fix the windows registry in Sage?

●       Locate the Windows registry on the system
●       It will open Windows registry editor
●       Now open the software named HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_
●       Give a click on system and then choose  Microsoft
●       Give a click on Windows then, hit  Current version
●       Choose Run button
●       Select the error file and then delete it
●       Next reboot the computer

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