Cannot Export a Report from Sage to Excel

Cannot Export Report from Sage to Excel

Sage is no doubt an awesome accounting software, which keeps updating itself to give the best user experience. Sometimes while exporting a report to excel won’t success and this error or issues can be harmful to the users. The below article helps you to remove the issue. It is always advisable that if you face any doubt please contact Sage experts.

Causes which can be the Reason behind this issue

  • Printer Device conflict
  • Microsoft Excel is not configured to start a new worksheet with the normal view
  • MS office 365 or office clerk to run is installed
  • Incompatible office version
  • User account control blocking access to Excel
  • The print spooler service is not running
  • Program is running is a hosted network
  • No default printer is selected
  • Temporary files not extracting properly
  • Report option changed

What is the Sage to Excel Export Problem?

The Sage to Excel Export Problem is a common issue that users experience when trying to export a report from Sage into Excel. The issue typically arises when there are formatting issues with the report’s data or when the exported file is not properly formatted for use in Excel.

One common solution to the Sage to Excel Export Problem is to reformat the report’s data before exporting it. This can be done by using the appropriate formatting options in Sage, or by using a third-party software tool such as Microsoft Excel’s Formatting toolbar. Alternatively, you can try exporting the report as a PDF file. If all else fails, you can contact the vendor responsible for creating the report for assistance.

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Solutions for cannot Export a Report from Sage to Excel

Section 1: Incompatible version of Microsoft office

Microsoft office version may be not compatible with the sage, in this case, just check and install the latest version of the MS Office which is compatible with the sage.

Section 2: Report Header options

  • Open the report in sage 50
  • select the excel button
  • In copy report to excel, select send the header to page setup in Excel box
  • Check if you are now able to generate a copy of the report to excel

Section 3: User Account Control Blocking access

  • Now disable the user account control blocking access

Section 4: Microsoft Excel Default view for New Sheets

  • verify in excel the default view for new sheets is Normal View
  • In excel 2007 >>click the Microsoft button, excel options click popular
  • In the when creating new workbooks section, select the normal view from the default view for new sheets drop-down  list >>Click ok

In excel 2010 and 2013:

Click File>>options>>select the general section. When the creating new workbooks section, select a normal view from the default  view for new sheets drop-down list, click Ok

Section 5: Delete the Files in Temp Directory

Press Windows +R keys >>type %temp%>>Click ok>>Press Ctrl+A keys to highlight all files and folders>>Right click one of the highlighted files in the same location and then click Delete>>skip any files which can not be deleeted>>check the reports end to excel

Section 6: Permission to Write to Temp Directory

open computer  or this PC>>Go to C:\Users\[User Name]\App Data\Local>>Right click Temp>>select properties >>Select security tab>> to check if the user has full control or read access and write access to folder>>Click OK>>check if the report can send to excel

Section 7: Printer Conflict

Open devices and printers>>In windows XP click start, printers>>In windows vista and 7 click start, devices and printers>>In Windows 8 press windows +X keys >>click devices and PRinters>>If no printer is there marked as default, then right-click a printer and then select Set as default printer >>Try to send the report to excel again>>if the error still comes to go to Devices and printers>.right click a different printer instead f current default printer and click Set as default printer >>open sage>>Now try to send the report to excel, if still, an error comes to repeat the steps

Do right click on each installed printer and select Delete or remove device >>dont remove the sage 50 email writer reinstall each printer, one at a time>>>try to send the excel after every reinstall to find which printer is creating the conflict. Once the conflict printer is found, install a generic driver for it and if alternate is not available to refer the below steps

  • Export to.CSV format
  • Click File, select Import /Export
  • select the proper category
  • Choose the desired list or journal
  • Click export
  • send the export potions and filters as desired and then click ok
  • Open the exported file from My document with the excel
  • use the sent to the button
  • Click Lists, the appropriate section, and the desired record or transaction type
  • Click settings
  • Remove or add a column
  • Click OK
  • Click send to excel

Section 8 : Open Microsoft Excel First

  • Open the Excel before opening the report
  • Check if you can export the report to excel

Final Words :

For any assistance dial Sage 50 helpdesk number and get the sage experts assistance immediately. You can also email at [email protected] and one of the sage experts contact you with the relevant information. The sage team is available 24*7 to assist you with all possible solutions with sage and it is one-stop-shop for all your issues related sage.

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Want quick help from accounting software experts? Get in touch with our team members who can install, configure and configure your software for you. Proficient in fixing technical issues, they can help you quickly get back to work whenever you encounter an error in Sage software. Our team is available 24/7 365 days to assist you. To get in touch.


What is the issue with Exporting Reports from Sage to Excel?

Exporting reports from Sage to Excel can be a problematic experience if the report is not formatted correctly. For example, if there are formatting errors in the report, exporting it to Excel will result in a distorted version of the report that is not easy to use. Additionally, if the data in the report is complex, exporting it as a spreadsheet can make it difficult to understand.

If you are having difficulty exporting a report from Sage to Excel, there are some tips that you can follow to help improve your experience. First, make sure that you have properly formatted the report before attempting to export it. Second, try exporting the report as an image instead of as a spreadsheet. Finally, be sure to check for any formatting errors before exporting the report so that they do not cause problems when it is imported into Excel.

How to Export a Report from Sage to Excel

If you are exporting a report from Sage to Excel, ensure that the following settings are correct:

🔹 Make sure the Sage and Excel versions are compatible. For most reports, the exported file will be in either .xls or .xlsx format. Versions prior to 2007 will only export as .xls format.
🔹 Check the file size of the report before exporting. If it is too large, Export may not be able to compress it sufficiently for transmission over the internet or disk storage. The exported file must not exceed 10MB in size.
🔹 Choose an export route that meets your needs: You can export as a single file, or you can export as several smaller files (for uploading to a web server).
🔹 Select options that impact how the data is displayed: You can choose whether headers and footers are included in the exported report, and how columns are arranged on page 1 (the first page of the report).

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