How to Fix Sage 50 Error Not Enough Memory to Continue?

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Do you get the error on your screen Not Enough Memory to Continue while using Sage 50? One of the most common errors when using Sage is an error stating “not enough memory to continue.” This problem can be caused by a number of factors, but often it is due to insufficient disk space. In order to fix this issue, you will need to free up space on your computer.

This error can occur due to the number of reasons, such as insufficient RAM or disk space, corrupted system files, or conflicts with other software installed on the computer. When the “Not Enough Memory to Continue” error message appears, the user may not be able to complete the task they were trying to perform.

Don’t know what to do to fix it and how to do it? Then here are the solutions for all your problems. The solutions are mentioned below in detail so that you can implement them on your own. You have to do the selection of solution on the basis of the reason that causes you the error of not having enough memory.

What is Sage 50 “Not Enough Memory to Continue? Error”

The name of this Sage 50 error suggests it all. This error appears when Sage is not able to find enough free space on the hard disk to store data and process it. This can happen for a variety of reasons like.

  • You may be running low on disk space
  • Your disk might be corrupt
  • The disk may have the Quota settings on it.
  • Corrupt system files.
  • BDE settings

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Solution for Sage 50 Error Not Enough Memory to Continue

According to the Not Enough Memory to Continue problem that you are facing, the solutions differ. All the possible solutions for this error have been provided below.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Low Disk Space

There is not much you can do when running low on Disk Space. You may have to buy or upgrade your disk space or delete some of your data. You can also try disk defragmentation to free up some extra space on your disk.

To do this, Follow the Steps given below:-

🔹 Open Windows Explorer
🔹 Right Click on the disk that you want to work with
🔹 Click on properties
🔹 Select the Tools tab
🔹 Click on Optimize nest to Disk Defragmentation
🔹 A new window of Disk Defragmentation will appear.
🔹 Click on Analyze and windows will inform you at most how much space can be freed.
🔹 Click on optimize to free space on your disk.
🔹 The fragmented parts of files will be rearranged to free up some space on the disk.

Corrupt Disk

Sometimes your disk is damaged due to virus or any other malicious software. There is an easy fix to this problem.

To Fix the Damaged Disk, Follow the Steps Given Below:-

🔹 Open Windows Explorer
🔹 Right Click on the disk you want to fix.
🔹 Select Properties
🔹 Go to the Tools tab
🔹 Click Check under Error Checking.

Note: This tool will check for any error and then try to fix it. You may also try restoring the drive to a previous version. For this you need to have a previously created backup of the drive.

To Restore a Backup, Follow the Steps Given Below:-

🔹 Open Windows Explorer
🔹 Right click on the drive you want to restore to a previous version
🔹 Select Properties
🔹 Go to the Previous version tab
🔹 Click on Restore and browse to the directory of the backup file.

Now windows will automatically restore the drive to a previous version. You can also create and restore backup by using third party software.

Quota Settings

In settings, you can reserve the amount of data a particular user can store on a disk drive. This makes sure that one particular user does not take all the space in the drive. You can check your Quota settings to find out whether you have disk space that your user account cannot access.

To do this, Follow the Steps given below:-

🔹 Open Windows Explorer
🔹 Right Click on the drive you want to work with
🔹 Select Properties
🔹 Go to Quota tab
🔹 Click on Check Quota Settings
🔹 Uncheck the option “Enable quota management
🔹 Click Apply and ok twice.

Note: This will make sure that any user can access all the disk space on this particular drive.

Corrupt System Files

There is a chance that some window file may have got damaged due to some malicious software. This may be causing this particular error in Sage 50. You can restore or repair your windows to fix this problem.

To Repair Windows System Files, Follow the Steps Given Below:-

🔹 Create a disk or bootable USB with the windows installation files in it.
🔹 Run the windows installer.
🔹 Click on repair windows.
🔹 Windows will automatically start repairing the system files. This can take some time and so you need to have patience. If this method does not work then you might need to restore your windows.

To Restore windows, Follow the Steps given below:-

🔹 Goto PC settings
🔹 Click Update and Recovery
🔹 Select Recovery
🔹 Now hit Remove everything and reinstall windows
🔹 Click on Get Started and follow the instructions provided in the wizard.

This will delete all the data on windows, so make sure to create a backup of your files. For older versions of window you might have to perform a fresh installation.

BDE Settings

Sage Error “Not Enough Memory to Continue” Sage 50 also occurs because the BDE settings have not been optimized. Sage uses the Borland Database System (BDE) and that is why the settings need to be optimized.

Follow the Steps Given Below to Optimize BDE Settings:-

🔹 Login into an Administrator user account
🔹 Open Run from Start Menu.
🔹 Type ‘regidit’ and hit run
🔹 Under the branches expand software and under it Right Click on Borland.
🔹 Select Permissions…
🔹 In the Permission for Borland window click on Users and allow full control.
🔹 Hit apply and ok

This will enable the BDE settings for all users in Windows 7 and above. You can follow the above methods to resolve this particular error and use Sage 50 swiftly and easily.

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In short, you have to identify the reason and then find the solution accordingly to apply it. This helps you to fix the Sage 50 Error “Not Enough Memory to Continue”. If you are facing issues, and have more queries then reach out to the helpdesk. The Sage 50 helpdesk team is here to assist you. The members of the team are available 24/ 7 hours and you can communicate to them via toll-free number 1800 964 3096, live chat, or email.

💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

Can I compress the Data Files and reindex them so that the error “Not Enough Memory to Continue” got resolved?

Yes, you can re-index and compress the data files in your Sage 50 account. The steps are as follows:-

To Re-index the Data:
🔹 Take a backup before doing the process
🔹 In Sage 50 software, click on the Help menu option
🔹 Click on About from further options
🔹 In the Data information, check and note down the number of splits
🔹 Go to the File menu option
🔹 Select the Maintenance option
🔹 From further options, click on the option Re index
🔹 Choose the files that are relevant
🔹 Then click the OK button and then click the Yes button

To Compress the Data:
After re indexing, it asks you to do the compressed data routine for claiming the space of the disk. So the steps to compress data are:-
🔹 After re indexing, you are asked for compressing data
🔹 Then click on Compress Now button
🔹 Now, remove the tick mark from the check box named Compress All Data Files
🔹 After that, click on the button Compress then click on the OK button
🔹 Click on the Close option and then click the Close
🔹 Again, go to the Help menu
🔹 Click on the About
🔹 Then in the Data Information, check that the number or splits do match with step d in re index the data.

What is the Minimum requirement for the Free Disk Space in Sage 50?

A minimum free disk space of 5 GB is required. So do check that you must have to fulfill the minimum requirements to avoid the Sage 50 error “Not Enough Memory to Continue”.

Is there any other way to fix the Sage 50 Error not enough Memory to continue?

Yes, here are the steps to fix it in another way:-
🔹 Firstly, reboot your computer
🔹 If still error happens check for system requirements that must be fulfilled
🔹 In Sage 50 go to the File menu
🔹 Then click on Maintenance
🔹 After that, select Check Data option
🔹 Now, you have to re index and compress the data files to fix the error
🔹 In the end, you are done.

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