How to Fix Sage Error: “I/O Error in the file [directory][dat file]”

Sage IO Error in the file

When the System failed to read the directory files then several types of errors. The i/o error is one of them it usually triggers in the Address.dat, Alarm.dat, Alert.dat, AdvData.dat,Review.dat, Rstyle.dat, Phase.dat, etc. This error happens because of a bad sector on a hard drive or corrupted file and more. The below article is rounded up with a guide to fix Error: “I/O Error in the file [directory][dat file]”

What are the Primary Causes of the “I/O Error in the file [directory][dat file]”?

  • Wrong file settings
  • Unable to read the file
  • Network connection loss 
  • The mapped drive is incorrectly mapped
  • Corrupted file 
  • Hard drive bad sector
  • Wrong permissions on the shared folder
  • Data path does not contain Company data folder

How to Resolve Sage Error “I/O Error in the file [directory][dat file]”?

Here is the list of solutions to fix the I/O error in directory files: Before proceeding with troubleshooting steps make sure you have rebooted the system.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Method 1- If the File is not Present:

Following is the list of steps:

If you are on a network ensure that the mapped drive is mapped to the right server name then here are the steps:

▪ Reboot all the system with Sage 50-US edition 
▪ If the issue persists then delete the file in the I/O error then run a repair software through the system hosting the Sage 50 data.
▪ Run repair 
▪ Check if the file with tax is then required to reinstall the advanced tax service update.

Method 2- Verify File Permissions:

Check the data file permissions with the below steps:

▪ Locate the Shared folder and then give a right-click on it 
▪ Choose Properties 
▪ Click tab named Sharing 
▪ Select Advanced Sharing 
▪ Click on the box named Share this folder
▪ Select Permissions tab
▪ Hit Add option 
▪ Enter in the individual window the groups or usernames that will require access to Sage 50
▪ Additionally, embed the System group 
▪ Now give a hit on the tab named Check Names to test the user names 
▪ Choose OK
▪ Provide each added user or group Full control 
▪ Hit OK 
▪ It will launch Advanced Sharing Window
▪ Click Ok
▪ Check Administrators & system with Full Control 
▪ Hit OK

Method 3- Run Integrity Check:

▪ Choose Help button
▪ Click Customer support & service
▪ Choose Integrity Check 
▪ Hit Backup tab
▪ Provide backup a name, select the location to save the backup, and then click Save 
▪ It will display Integrity Check Window
▪ Choose Reindex files
▪ Click on the list named Reindex file, choose the file with error 
▪ Choose OK
▪ If you get an error message that the file failed to be reindexed then search out of the file location
▪ Now right-click on the file and then choose Properties 
▪ If the check box is named Read-only, unselect it and then retry the file reindexing 
▪ If the file was not read-only then restore a backup made before getting the issue

Method 4- Company Data Folder Failed in Data Path:

If the company data folder is not in the data path then here are the steps:

▪ Search the folder location with the listed file and then copy the entire data folder.
▪ Find the data path with the following instructions
▪ Open Sage 50 software 
▪ Hit the File button then click the Open Company tab
▪ Now drag the window corner to display the full directory 
▪ The data path appears in the directory, minus the company name truncated spell
▪ To search the program path you need to give a right-click on the icon named Sage Shortcut
▪ Hit Properties tab
▪ The target line is highlighted in the blue color minus Peachw.exe is known as the program path 
▪ Hit Open File location to open the program path
▪ Paste the folder into the data path 
▪ At last check, you can open the Company file

Method 5- Reading/Writing to UserPref.dat:

▪ For this firstly close the Sage 50 
▪ Now give a right-click on it 
▪ Hit Run as administrator

Hopefully, the information is enough to fix the Sage error: “I/O Error in the file [directory][dat file]”. In case you still experience the error then get connected to experts. Use a phone number, email address, or live chat to resolve the issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I check hard drive errors?

💠 Search icon named Start button and give a right-click on it 
💠 It will launch Windows Explorer 
💠 Click Computer to see the drives appears in the right corner
💠 Now give a right-click on the drive you need to check 
💠 Hit Properties 
💠 Choose Tools option 
💠 Select Check Now tab
💠 It will display a window named check disk<disk name>
💠 Choose check box named Automatically fix file system errors
💠 Hit Start button
💠 Choose Schedule disk check in case there appears Schedule disk check
💠 Exit all active programs
💠 Restart the system

Can I fix the corrupted file issue for I/O error fixation without data corruption?

Yes, you can resolve the issue by reindexing the corrupted file.

How would I reindex files in Sage 50?

💠 Fix i/o errors 
💠 Now reestablish file that is out of sync or missing 
💠 Choose reindex file on the left corner 
💠 Now highlight the Reindex file list

What If I need to change the accounting period to fix the i/o errors?

💠 Hit Tasks 
💠 Locate System button and then Change Accounting period
💠 Choose the accounting period in the Sage 50 main screen 
💠 Click on the desired accounting period then Hit OK
💠 Hit the No button to the “Would you like to print your invoices or checks before continuing?”
💠 Choose No tab to question named “Would you like to print your reports before continuing?”
💠 If asking the question ” Would you like to run an Internal Accounting Review?” then Select No button
💠 Click Yes to change to the desired period

How can I check the data file permissions in Sage 50?

💠 Firstly find the data path and then right-click on the folder named company 
💠 Click tab named security
💠 Check Administrators & systems with Full control
💠 Hit OK

How would I run the repair in Sage 50 to fix I/O Error in the file [directory][dat file]?

💠 Hit Start button
💠 Click Search box 
💠 Enter appwiz.cpl and hit Enter 
💠 Locate Programs and Features and give a right-click on the Sage 50 Accounting option
💠 Choose Change tab
💠 Hit Repair button
💠 Select Next option 
💠 Now the repair will run 
💠 At last hit the Finish tab
💠 Next, install the program updates.

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