How to Convert Sage 50 CA to Sage US?

Convert Sage 50 CA to Sage US

The Sage 50 US and Sage 50 CA are two different programs. Therefore conversion might be difficult to convert the US edition of Sage to Sage 50 US (Peachtree). The tax protocols vary from country to country, so there is a different Sage 50 system in every country. So it is a general need for the US users to convert accounting systems if they are having Sage 50 CA. The below article is rounded up with the guide to convert Sage 50 CA to Sage US.

Why Need to Convert Sage 50 CA to Sage US?

If the business requirement recognizes the need to move the accounting data from one version to another then you need conversion. To convert Sage 50 CA to the US version there is a need of transferring the files such as Vendors, Chart of Accounts, Inventory List, and customer. The conversion version requires. SAI & .SAJ files and backup files with .CAB extension within the application.

Steps to Convert Sage 50 CA to Sage US?

Converting from one edition to another is pretty easy if you go through the relevant guidance.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Before Processing the Data Conversion Make sure you took the Backup.

✔ After this locate File and then click Properties 
✔ Remember the name of the location and company file 
✔ If the version is 2008 or advanced then the file type is .SAI
✔ Disable the User Account Control while conversion 
✔ Search for the button below Control Panel and then click on User Accounts
✔ Turn off the Firewall, Antivirus, or any Anti-spyware software
✔ Now save the data on the local system
✔ Next, run the Advanced Database Check 
✔ After this perform the data conversion 
✔ Now save the data back to its actual location

Start Data Conversion Sage 50 CA to Sage US

✔ First, open the new Sage 50 Canadian edition 
✔ It will launch the welcome screen with different options
✔ Hit Open the last company you worked on in case there is a file 
✔ Choose OK button
✔ There will appear a welcome window 
✔ Now click the option labeled Select an existing company
✔ Hit OK 
✔ Locate the top corner of the Open company window 
✔ Click field Look in
✔ Now modify the folder with data 
✔ Choose the data and then hit OK
✔ It will display the message asking you that the data is updated to a new format 
✔ Hit the Next button multiple times to redirect the upgrade wizard 
✔ Choose Finish option
Now you are all set to open the company file in a new format

Need Assistance?

The conversion service requires a trustworthy industry-specific Sage 50 service provider to ensure 100 % accuracy to migrate all the versions of Sage 50 to Sage 50 CA call tollfree on 1800 964 3096. While Sage US data conversion makes sure the profit and loss, trial balance, and balance sheet in Sage should match with Sage CA. No worries! The professional team is there to assist you with the advanced-level guidance and conversion service in no time.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions (FAQs)

Why I am unable to do data conversion from Sage 50 CA to Sage US?

There might be several causes interrupting the conversion. Some of them are below:
Computer turned off while data conversion

🔹 The Sage 50 window gets closes
🔹 A power outage 
🔹 The system locks up

How much hard disk space do I need to convert data from Sage 50 CA to Sage US?

The hard disk may need up to triple the size of the company data to convert data successfully.

How would I run an advanced Database check while data conversion?

🔹 Firstly make sure the user is logged in with admin credentials or in a single user mode
🔹 Now make a backup 
🔹 Choose Maintenance on the main page of Sage 50 
🔹 Select Advanced Database Check 
🔹 Click on the Yes button on the Sage 50-Warning Window
🔹 Now wait to complete the window named Database Check processing
🔹 In the issue found then a new window will appears Sage 50 Company file check & repair 
🔹 Choose OK button 
🔹 Now wait to complete the verifying file” Please wait for the window”

How would I fix the issues converting data on a Network?

In case you face lock table full errors then enhance the maximum locks per connection across the network or increase the work process numbers. After this copy the company data to a workstation and then do the tasks directly on the workstation.

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