Fix Sage Network Access for Multi-User Mode Issues


If you are looking for the most efficient accounting software in the market, Sage 50 is one of the best software’s available for anyone who has accounting needs. It’s a big blessing for small and medium-size organizations as it enables them to complete their accounting tasks quite smoothly. It was developed by the Sage Group for the small and medium size organizations to do their accounting tasks properly without much hassles.

The good thing is that even if you not from accounting background, you can easily learn to operate it without much issues. Also, if one faces any kind of doubts, one can contact Accounting Advice by calling on their Sage 50 technical support number toll free number . They will help you to find an instantaneous solution for any Sage 50 related issues. Let’s discuss one of the common issues to get some clarity.

Sage Network Access for Multi-User Mode Errors

Sometimes in multi-user mode, when one is trying to access Sage network, two concurrent user sessions fail to open up. Thus, an error message comes up denying access. The error message might also say that how the database files are read-only and you need to have sufficient rights to access it. This can be quite frustrating if there is any urgent work. However, it’s not necessary that this problem might always be due to faulty file permissions.

Even if you use Sage knowledge base, it will guide you with setting up multi-user modes where if you create a new company, you can establish two synchronous connections. Closing and opening the new company on the remote computer might or might not solve the problem. In fact, in some cases it becomes impossible to even establish two synchronous connections after re-opening.

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Solution for Sage Network Access for Multi-User Mode Issues

When on multi-user mode, please make sure that you are not starting from any shortcut icon. For eg: A shortcut to the company .sai file. This might give errors. If opened normally (standard shortcut can be used) and the company location is specified using the ’Select an existing company option’, sage network access for multi-user mode issues will be minimal.

If you are still facing issues signing-in with multi-user mode specially after conversion of data files, removing user might not help. In fact, that option might be unavailable. Refreshing data also might not be possible. First and foremost, make sure you buy a multi -user license for each additional machine or user. Sage is very particular that if try to set it up on some other machine without a multi-user license etc, it shows an error.

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One machine will be designated as a server and the others as users. You can dial into your server from a remote desktop package which means that even if you are working on the machine directly, all other users need to have package installed. You can set up a virtual private network linking to the network.

If the problem still persists, a team of experts at Accounting Advice can help you.

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