Fix Sage Error Unable to send all emails’, ‘Generic COM Error’

sage address generic com error

In this article we will discuss the issues like ‘Unable to send all emails’, ‘Generic COM Error’, ‘Generic COM Error’ or ‘Failed to output’, Unable To Send Email From Sage and Sage Payroll cannot send an email.

Consequences of SAGE 50 Error Address Generic Com Error

Issues encountered when Sage Accounts are used

First of all check that the version you are using of Microsoft Outlook is compatible or not:

  • Check the comparability of Sage software with the Outlook version. Also ensure that instead of cloud based version, you are using the desktop version
  • If the Outlook version is not compatible, use SMTP settings to send an email from Sage software
  • Then get the updates installed for the Outlook version you are using
  • Once the updation is done, try sending the document again

Sage 50 Error Address Generic Com Error can lead to following problems:

  • Users may be unable to send emails.
  • Generic COM Error also can be one of the results.
  • Failed to output due to the problematic outcome.
  • The user can try emailing documents from Sage Accounts or Sage 50 Payroll in case the user is using Microsoft Outlook. This error message might come up in that case.

Fix Unable to send all emails’, ‘Generic COM Error’

First the user needs to check if that version of Outlook is compatible with the Sage software.  If it is the desktop version and not on cloud, then it is best to talk to Sage experts so that there is no harm to the system or any data file.

  • The user has to email from the Sage software using the SMTP settings if there is no compatible Outlook version.
  • All updates for the version of Outlook the user is using has to be installed.
  • The document has to be emailed again.
  • Then the user has to Check Run as administrator settings. It has to be same for Outlook and the Sage software.
  • For Sage 50 Payroll only – the user has to try and create a new custom report setting.

You can always get in touch with Sage Technical Support experts for further assistance needed in above mentioned steps.

Verify that the settings of, Run as administrator, are same for Sage software and Outlook if you are Unable To Send Email From Sage :

  • Close all the softwares as an initial step. Then right click the shortcut of Outlook and then click on the Properties
  • After that, by clicking on the Compatibility tab, ensure that check box for Run this program as administrator are clear or selected, then click OK
  • Click on Properties, by right clicking on the shortcut of Sage software
  • Select the Compatibility tab and then set the Run this program as an administrator, same as for the Outlook and then click OK
  • Try to send the documents now

For elaborated support and guidance on the solution mentioned above, get touch with Sage tech support team.

If you are facing ‘Generic COM Error’ or ‘Failed to output’ then check whether the Microsoft Outlook is opening correctly or not:

  • Try closing and then reopening of Microsoft Outlook, notice whether it is opening correctly or not
  • Choose any file from the computer, like word document and right click on it. Then click on Send To and then Mail Recepient

If trying all these steps doesn’t make a difference or Unable to send all emails’, ‘Generic COM Error’ appears again then call at 1844 871 6289 and get assistance from Sage technical support team.

If you are Unable To Send Email From Sage then remove the signature of email from layout:

  • If you are facing issues with the sales order, invoice, remittance layout, stamwnwt or purchase order, give removing an email signature a try
  • Go to the menu bar and click on Settings and then choose Email Defaults
  • Select the tab relevant to your issue, for example, click on Invoice if you are facing issue with the layout of invoice
  • Now, from the drop down, select Override Default Outlook Signature and click on OK
  • Select Apply and choose the desired layout and then click OK

Sage Payroll cannot send an email and the other issues encountered while using the Sage Payroll:

  • Configure the Outlook’s email setting
  • Open any of the preview report of Sage 50 payroll and select Printer Offsets and after that Email Setup
  • From the drop down of Default Provider select Microsoft Outlook
  • Choose Where MAPI is specified in the report and then instead of using check box use default provider
  • Click OK and close preview window and when asked for saving the changes, click NO
  • Try emailing the file again

There are many ways advanced ways to resolve this error. It is best to get in touch with trained people who can help you in a more safer way which does not harm the system or the data files. It might not be possible if the user is doing it on his own. Contact Accounting Advice team.

The Sage 50 software has earned a reputation of an immensely useful software which has earned a name for itself in the accounting world due to its numerous features. These features, especially the upgraded version contain numerous characteristics that has made this software’s demand very high in the market.  Many mid-size and small organizations are steadily switching over to Sage due to this reason. Various flourishing startups prefer to use Sage for all their accounting needs as this amazing software helps in various important activities like money flow management, tracking payments, inventory tracking, etc. There are various automated features too which help in finishing the tasks in a quicker way.  Furthermore, the software is extremely secure and manages data with extreme safety configurations.

We at Sage 50 are delivering the tools in the form of software to the world; softwares that will help them to grow and succeed. Insight and information we provide through our softwares, will surely provide you an edge in various spheres, when it comes to the comparison with your competitors. We aim at providing whatever it needs to take a business venture, to a new height, irrespective of the size of the organization.

By combining real time technology, mobile and social sources, we bring forth the best tools that will make your Decision Making more predictable and successful. And as you all know, taking right decision at the right time could open the doors of success in many ways.

Every initiative taken by Sage software solution is to build a strong customer support with long term association. We believe in offering our patrons the innovation, expertise, support and choice. Choice to choose the best for themselves and through our expertise we guide them as to what is best for them. This doesn’t mean we are forcing something, instead we provide them freedom and surety that whatever they choose, we will make it possible in most successful way.

No matter how well something is made or how perfect the installation was, there are chances that you may face issues after sometime, but when it comes to the softwares offered by Sage solutions, we stood by our commitment.

What is Accounting Advice?

The Accounting Advice team is a group of highly skilled professionals who are available 24*7 for any Sage error support or any kind of assistance related to Sage.  The team can be contacted for advanced steps of resolving SAGE 50 Error Address Generic Com Error. They try to understand the problem in-depth and then offer step by step solutions for every problem. Get instant answers to all issues and even general information about the Sage software. The toll free number for directly talking to them is 1844 871 6289. They are available round the clock.

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