Sage 50 Cannot Communicate with your Email Program

Sage 50 Cannot Communicate with Email

In Sage Accounts you can send and receive reports & outlines through email, web-mail or Microsoft Outlook. Also, you can configure records to normally send email to specific email addresses from your Sage Accounts.

However, while working on Sage 50 accounting software, this error is encountered when a computer is unable to establish an association with the accounting software then most of the times users encounter an error text as, “Sage 50 cannot communicate with your Email program”. This error generally occurs when the user sends the invoice of clients through email from the Sage account. This error is associated with an error code which is usually a communication error and when the default mail is not configured. While using your email customers for sending email to clients, you may come across this kind of issues which is equal to a terrifying experience in sage. But you do need to worry much since our Sage technical support experts are proficient enough in solving any kind of error encountered in Sage product.

Sage 50 Cannot Communicate with your Email Program

Point to Remember Before Fixing Email Issue in Sage 50:

  • First of all, to send records through email you must work on SAGE 50 Email Setup
  • You need to work with the supplementary
  • Configure and Set-up your default email settings
  • Modify the email settings of the document.

Steps to Fix Email Issue in Sage 50 Product

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution I: Update the latest version of Sage 50

🔷 Go to Sage 50 software in your system
🔷 Press the Splash screen
🔷 Go to the Sample list or history of the used company file
🔷 Press on Help field from the menu bar list > Press on the About Sage 50 list in the drop-down menu
🔷 Verify the latest edition of the software you are using and Update them

Solution II: Verify for Compatibility of the Email Customers with Sage 50

🔷 In general, Sage 50 software is not supported in 64-bits emails customers
🔷 See that whether you have some 32- bit MAPI compliant email customers installed in your computers
🔷 Press on the File list and take your cursor to Office Account and click the About Outlook
🔷 Select to confirm whether the MS Office is 32-bit or 64-bit
🔷 If the problem it continues, please follow the next solution

Solution III: Email Issue from the Cloud Versions of the Email Customers

🔷 Type Control panel within the Start menu
🔷 Select the Default Program
🔷 Go to the  computer defaults & Set program access
🔷 Press on the Custom list to enlarge it
🔷 Select the Choose a default email program and select the preferred email client from the option available

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Final Words on Sage Email Error

Hope you are able to resolve your email error in Sage 50 after following the solution given. But in case, you are working in Sage email account and the errors continue and still struggling to fix the error, then immediately get in touch with our technical specialist. They are totally reliable, skilled and friendly in dealing with any kind of errors encountered in Sage 50 accounts.

They make sure to provide the best solution for any errors in sage and solve them in very limited time. To contact our technical member, you can pursue various medium of communication. Either you can directly contact our the Sage 50 helpline number or you can also get in touch through Online Sage Chat Support.

📢 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Different Ways to Email Sales Invoices in Sage 50?

You can do any of the following , if you want to email sales invoices in Sage 50-

🔷 You can email invoices one by one from the Sales/Invoicing window. To do this, click Email in the Sales/Invoicing window.  Sage 50 will email the invoice to the destination specified and will also save the invoice.
🔷 You can  email a batch of invoices from the Sales/Invoicing window, in one session
🔷 You can  also email a batch of invoices, in one session,  from the Select a Report or Form window.

How to Get the Email Server Settings for Microsoft Outlook?

Please follow the below-mentioned steps-

🔷 Navigate to Control Panel
🔷 Click on Mail
🔷 Click Email accounts
🔷 Select your email account
🔷 Click on Change
🔷 You will get the SMTP Address of the Outgoing mail server
🔷 Now click on More Settings
🔷 Go to Advanced option
🔷 Next,  go to the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER SMTP.  You will get the port number you need.

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