Fix Sage Email MAPI Error: An error occurred in sending the message

Sage Email MAPI error

The Sage 50 is one of the best software in the accounting domain with excellent features that can help anyone from the corporate world in completing the bookkeeping tasks accurately. Initially, when the Sage software was developed by the Sage Group, the main aim was customer satisfaction and completing accounting tasks in a rapid manner. It is increasingly being used by mid-size and small organizations as well as growing startups.  The Sage 50 can be used even by a layman who does not have much knowledge about finance as it has a very user friendly interface that has readily available tools.

Sage 50 helps in inventory management and cash flow management in a big way as it can track details minutely without any issues. The process of handling and working on the software is equally easy. Moreover, by hosting the company files on the cloud, one can access these files from anywhere in the world. It is a complete delight to work on a software like Sage 50. The corporate world is increasingly switching over to accounting software Sage 50 to complete tasks in a quick and steady fashion without any undue hassle for the user. It is a one stop solution for all accounting needs.

Nevertheless, no software is free from errors completely. There may be circumstances where the user might come across certain doubts and errors that can create an obstacle in completing your tasks in the fastest possible time. In case of such hassles, it is best to contact the team of Sage tech support team of experts who can help you in detail irrespective of the problem that the user is facing related to the software. Let’s discuss more about Sage Email MAPI Error: An Error Occurred in Sending the Message.

Steps to Resolve Sage Email MAPI Error: An Error Occurred in Sending the Message

  • Firstly, the user needs to check for any updates. The steps are listed down:
    • Select Windows Start, Control Panel, then Windows Update.
    • Verify these updates minutely. Go to the Microsoft Update website for downloading and installing the latest Microsoft Office updates.
  • The default programs has to be checked. Follow the process:
    • One needs to log in to the system as an administrator.
    • Choose Windows Start, Default Programs, then default programs have to be set.
    • Choose your desired default e-mail program from the catalog of programs in the left column.
    • Choose the Set this program as default.
    • Choose OK.
    • Choose Set program access and computer defaults.
    • Choose Custom and the down arrow on the right side has to be clicked.
    • Select under choose a default e-mail program, choose the proper email program.
    • Revive again your email software program and Sage 50.
    • Authenticate the email address you are sending to exists in your contact list in the email software program.
    • Then the transaction from Sage 50 has to be emailed.
  • Verify that you have an account setup in Outlook. Follow the process:
    • There may be an Outlook program but not necessarily any default account setup.
  • Check if the Add-in for Outlook is installed. Follow the process:
    • Sage 50  and Outlook has to closed.
    • The reinstallation process of Sage 50 Accounting product has to restarted.
    • Choose OK when the message ‘You currently have Sage 50 installed…’comes up.
    • Select Add/Remove Program Components, then go to Next
    • Add-in for Microsoft Outlook has to be unchecked, then go to Next
    • The same process has to be repeated again and the checkmark has to be re-added for Add-in for Microsoft Outlook. This will get the add-on reinstalled.
    • The transaction has to be emailed from Sage 50.

For more comprehensive explanation of fixing Sage Email MAPI Error: An Error Occurred in Sending the Message, contact the Sage customer support team at Accounting Advice. You will be thankful by the immediate support.

What is Accounting Advice?

The Accounting Advice is a Sage 50 technical support team of experts who have years of experience in dealing with Sage related issues who are trained in Sage software. They can guide you during the whole process of resolving Sage Email MAPI Error: An Error Occurred in Sending the Message. The team is there round the clock at any time convenient to the user. The user can contact the team through the toll free number 1844-871-6289.

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