Sage Pay Error Codes and Its Cause

sage pay errors

Experiencing a technical glitch related to Sage Pay can be really frightful. And not knowing about a technical the error you receive can be more frightening. That’s why, here in this article we have discussed a couple of Sage Pay error codes that you should know about.

Some Common Sage Pay Error Codes:

Sage Pay Error 2003:

This kind of error occurs due to two possible reasons, including:

  • Terminal ID’s: One of the possible reasons due to which you may experience Sage Pay error 2003 is the wrong terminal ID. If the terminal ID’s are not correctly allocated, any kind of transaction will not be processed via the account. Basically, terminal ID is a number that is allocated to all the merchants that uses Sage Pay. And these IS’s assists in controlling the traffic of all kinds of transactions that happens between the merchant banks and Sage Pay.
  • Authorization problem: another reason due to which Sage Pay error 2003 may occur is because of the authorization issue. This can occur when you try to do a transaction through your Sage Pay system while using any 3rd party platform.

Sage Pay Error 3141: The BillingCountry value is invalid:

This kind of error message primarily occurs when you provide a wrong value for the BillingCountry= field while doing a transaction. The BillingCountry is an important field, which is done to process every transaction via your account.

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In addition to the above mentioned error codes, there are various other Sage Pay errors that you might, unfortunately experience while doing a transaction through your account. Below, we have given a list of some error codes.

Sage Pay error 204: element either not found, or present more than once.

Sage Pay error 201: Everything worked as expected and a new resource has been created.

Sage Pay error 211: value must be less than the value.

Sage Pay error 205: A valid value is required.

Sage Pay error 235: More than 50,000 rows returned. Please refine the search.

Sage Pay error 5068: The encryption method is not supported by this protocol version.

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sage pay errors
Article Name: Sage Pay Error Codes and Its Cause
Description: here in this article we have discussed a couple of Sage Pay error codes that you should know about like Sage Pay Error 2003, 3141, 204, 201, 211, 205, 235, 5068 ETC.
Author Name: Nency Willims
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