How to Fix Sage 50 Error 3004

Sage 50 Error 3004 – File System Error

Sage 50 is one of the most efficient accounting software to gear up the productivity of both small and medium industries. The automated features and tools are embedded in the system aids in the seamless work process. When using an accounting system users might faces problems and glitches in the most unfriendly situations. Sage 50 Error 3004 is one of the most frequently reported error codes by the users of Sage 50 accounting software. The below article will discuss the causes and resolutions of Sage 50 error code 3004.

Error Comes with an Error Popup Message with a Code: “Sage 50 Error 3004 – File System Error”

What is Sage 50 Error Code 3004?

The Sage 50 Error Code 3004 is recognized as a technical error also known as a file system error. This frustrating error comes with an error popup message with a code: “Sage 50 Error 3004 – File system error”. This error trigger because of network segment drops. Whenever this issue happens, it interrupts the complete workflow and can be quite annoying for you to deal with. To avoid important work loss, saving time, maintain a good balance and fluidity in the work, this error needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Moreover, if you do not want to fix the issue on your own, you can contact the experts for quick assistance to fix the problem instantly.

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Causes of Sage 50 Error Code 3004

There are several possible reasons which can result in Error 3004. Correct identification of the problem or the error is very important for a quick resolution. The possible causes are below:

  • Communication barriers within  Sage 50 with network problems
  • Network time out or server or host system takes more time to response
  • Clashing of Accounting Program  such as Antivirus, Hardware, Firewall, Switches, NIC, Cabling, Routers

How Sage 50 Error Code 3004 Appears in the Older Edition: Peachtree?

Issue: Receiving an error code and error message on the computer when trying to open Sage 50 Error – “File system error 3004”

Sage 50 Error 3004 can be caused due to the above-given reasons. Here is the list of resolutions you can use to resolve the same:

Method 1- Restart Pervasive Service Using Task Manager

  • For this make sure your Sage program is closed from the system
  • Give a right-click on the taskbar and choose the Task Manager
  • Select the Details option and then write “w3dbsmgr.exe
  • Give a click on it and now select End Task
  • It will stop the process
  • Locate Service option and then select sort by name
  • Next, find psq/WGE
  • Once you discover then give a right-click on it
  • Select Start button.

Method 2- Use Basic Troubleshooting Steps to Fix the Error

  • Restart the workstation and server
  • Check the connection of your system
  • Verify the file you are accessing maybe it is corrupted.

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Final Words

Hopefully, the article helped you to fix the Sage 50 Error 3004. If the error persists then talk to the Sage advisor to ensure that problem is fixed instantly without any hassles. Connect with our Sage Experts through Chat, Call or You can also email or fill the contact form available at .

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How Would I Use the Services Menu to Restart the Pervasive Service to Fix Sage 50 Error Code 3004?

1. Open Run window
2. Write Services.msc
3. Hit OK button
4. It will display Sage smart posting edition
5. Select Stop button
6. Give a right-click on the Pervasive_PSQL_Workgroup_Engine
7. Click Stop button
8. Hit again on this option and now select Start tab

How do I Fix the Internet Connection to Fix the Sage 50 3004 Issue Instantly?

1. Verify the internet speed and restart the router you using for internet connection
2. Check the Antivirus setting
3. Reset Chrome or browser
4. Update the Network driver if needed
5. Windows Attachment manager settings reconfiguration.

How Would I Tackle the Damaged Data Path to Resolve the Sage Error 3004?

1. If you recognize the error in the data path of the file then the best resolution is to rename the specified file and run Sage program repair
2. If the issue discovered in a data directory file then delete it
3. If you fail to delete the file then the solution is to reindex that file

What If the Reindex and Deleting the File Does Not Sort Out the Error?

Restore a file Backup

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