Fix Sage Error 2755: Server Returned Unexpected Error While Attempting to Install Package

Sage Error 2755 Server Returned Unexpected Error While Attempting to Install Package

Sage 50 is remarkable software for bookkeeping and business needs. It is one of the best software in the corporate world and it is in use by many mid-size as well as growing organizations. Moreover, the Sage software has such a user friendly interface that it can be understood even by a person from the non-accounting background. It has many such tools and features which make work easier for every user using it.  Moreover, it has many automated features which make it all the more easier to work on it and helps in finishing tasks faster.

Sage 50 has become a one-stop solution for all accounting needs and it helps in various activities like inventory scanning, remotely accessing files via the new mobile bar code scanning feature, managing cash flow, account payable, budget, bills, etc. The new version has multi-monitor support too which leads to more productivity. The advanced features are module-level security and inventory management.

However, any software in the market can occasionally face a few errors. Sage users have nothing to worry as there is a team for their assistance round the clock. This Sage technical support team at Accounting Advice has highly knowledgeable professionals who can help you in resolving any kind of error.

Steps to Resolve Sage Error 2755: Server Returned Unexpected Error While Attempting to Install Package

For resolving this error, user has to start with adding an Installer folder in the Windows directory. This is because this error has been mostly associated with the fact that the Installer folder is missing from the Windows directory in your OS partition.

(i) Firstly, the user has to open My Computer depending on which version of Windows they are using. Then open the C: partition or the partition where your OS is installed. The user has to then Open the Windows folder inside.

(ii) Then the user has to right-click wherever there is empty space. Then go to New. After that  go to the Folder from the menu. Now the folder Installer has to be named and then save it. The system has to be rebooted and then try installing the software again.

There are more steps in resolving Sage Error 2755 which normally leads to server returning unexpected errors while attempting to install package. Getting in touch with the Sage 50 tech support team at Accounting Advice is the best way forward as then the error can be resolved in a safe way without harming any files.

What is Accounting Advice?

The Accounting Advice is a Sage 50 tech support team of knowledgeable and highly trained Sage experts who can help you in resolving not only Sage error 2755 but all kinds of errors related to the Sage software. These highly drilled and experienced professionals of the Sage customer support team are available 24*7 to guide each user in a step by step manner so that user can understand what he or she is doing. For general information too, you can contact them. The toll free number to call the Accounting Advice team is and the experts are available at any time convenient to the user.

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