Fix Error: “Your database engine on computer [server] is unavailable. Please make sure that the computer is logged in or that the database service is running”

database engine on computer server is unavailable

The corporate world was in dire need of a software that can make daily accounting tasks easier and faster. Sage 50 is one such software that has helped in streamlining finance related tasks whether it is timely payments or managing money flow or even inventory management. Normally accounting related data is private and protected. Sage 50 helps to overcome many problems. It helps in doing tasks in a better and well-managed way.

While questions and doubts are common for any user while working on a software, users of Sage 50 can relax as they can contact the Sage tech support team at for any Sage related problem like Fix Error: “Your database engine on computer [server] is unavailable. Please make sure that the computer is logged in or that the database service is running”. Call on the toll free number . Let’s discuss some solutions for this issue.

Sage 50 Database Engine Error

Resolution of Unavailability of Sage 50 Database Engine Error

The error message in case of this problem is: “Your database engine on computer x is unavailable

Also, it will display and ask the user to make sure whether the system is logged in and the database service is running or not while taking a backup.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Non-Conversion of Archives Included in the Backup

💠 The option to include archives in the backup has to be unchecked
💠 Check if you can backup successfully

If the ~pvsw~.loc file is damaged

💠 Choose Maintain, then go to Company Information.
💠 Keep a note of the Directory path.
💠 Choose OK.
💠 Sage 50 has to be closed.
💠 The Windows Start button has to be chosen.
💠 Choose Computer or My Computer for opening Windows Explorer.
💠 Now Browse to the directory location that was noted down by you.
💠 The file ~pvsw~.loc has to be deleted.
💠 Archives directory folder has to be double-clicked.
💠 Each folder has to be opened in the Archives directory to find and for deleting the file ~pvsw~.loc.
💠 Windows Explorer has to be closed.
💠 Sage 50 has to be opened.
💠 Check if now you are able to backup successfully

Data Path in Users or Shared Folder at Server

💠 It is advisable not to use the Users or Shared folder as the place for data at the computer hosting the data.

Company Data Set Folder has Hidden Files

💠 Ideally, there should not be any hidden files in the company data set folder. Unhide the files & folders that are hidden. Check now if you are successful in creating a backup.

Incorrect Sharing and Permissions

💠 For understanding these steps in detail, contact the right away. The Sage experts will be happy to help and assist you. It is better to take assistance from Sage technical support members to avoid any complications or damage to your PC.

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What is

The is the Sage customer support team with highly trained Sage experts for all types of issues. The Sage tech executives are drilled in all sorts of Sage issues. Moreover, they are available round-the-clock. Also, in case the official Sage customer support is not available, contact which is a third party Sage technical support consultancy. Their toll free number is +1516-440-4758 or you can email us at

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Sage Chat help desk

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