Delay with Sage 50 US Program Loading

Delay with Sage 50 US Program Loading problem

It’s no surprise why the Sage accounting software is extremely popular among businesses and professionals worldwide. It has made lives easier for them, with its enhanced features and amazing tools. With Sage 50 by their side, businesses and professionals can carry out their accounting activities with less effort than ever before. 

However, as happens with any other accounting software that relies on codes and algorithms, Sage 50 also has its fair share of issues. One common issue often faced by the users of the Sage 50 US edition is the delay with the Sage 50 US program loading. If you are also facing this issue and are searching for easy solutions, we can provide a much-needed helping hand. You need to simply go through this blog till the very end. Here, we will discuss why this issue occurs and will show multiple methods to resolve it once and for all. 

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Let’s proceed then..

First things first! Let’s understand why this error occurs…

Causes of the Delay with Sage 50 US Program Loading

Many technical reasons may contribute to this common issue with the Sage 50 US Edition. Here, we are listing just a few of those- 

  • Damaged windows user profile
  • Sage 50 data path is not correct
  • Voluminous data or data corruption
  • Damaged program files
  • Issues with remote data access
  • Sage 50 pervasive not functioning 
  • Pervasive or other Sage 50 files are blocked by a firewall
  • Server not able to find the default workstation by IP Address
  • workstation is not able to ping the server by name

Steps to Resolve the issue of Delay with Sage 50 US Program Loading?

Here we are providing some simple methods to resolve the issue of Delay with Sage 50 US program loading –

Method 1: Have a Close Look at your Sage Data

No limit has been prescribed in Sage regarding the number of records or transactions you can keep. The capacity is limited only by the free disk space and memory available in your system. Other factors such as network speed and the number of concurrent users can also influence this.
For smooth functioning, Sage recommends the following- 

  • Fewer than 50,000 invoices/orders
  • Fewer than 1,000,000 splits or transactions
  • Fewer than 2,000 project records
  • Fewer than 20,000 product records
  • Fewer than 2,000 supplier/customer records 
  • You can check these by going to Help > About > Data Information

If you happen to have more than the above, you should have an archive of your data and then run a Clear Audit Trail on the data. This will clear the historic transactions and reduce the data volume considerably.

Method 2: Verify the Event Viewer Logs

Here are the steps to follow –

  • Verify if you have installed the MS Visual C++ 2012 and MS Visual C++ 2010 redistributable 
  • If not, download and install these packages
  • Now restart your computer 
  • Open Sage 50 
  • If the issue still remains, uninstall the Sage 50 US software
  • Click Control Panel
  • In the installed programs, go to MS C++ 20xx redistributable package. Xx stands for the year
  • Uninstall it
  • Now restart your computer 
  • Install the MS C++ 20xx redistributable again
  • Install Sage 50. 
  • Now check if the error message is still there. If so, try running the Windows repair tool

Method 3: Sage 50 Icon on Your Desktop

  • Right-click on the Sage 50 icon on your desktop
  • Click on Properties
  • Navigate to Compatibility
  • Uncheck the box placed near ‘ Run this program as….’
  • If you find this box greyed out, please check the box next to ‘Change settings for…..’
  • Tab on Apply 
  • Press ctrl +alt + del 
  • Now click on the Start Task Manager tab
  • Go to the Details tab 
  • Next, browse to the peachw.exe file
  • Click on Process
  • Click End Task
  • Lunch the Sage 50 US software again and check if the issue still persists.

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Final Words

We hope the above-mentioned steps would help you resolve this issue for good. If it remains even after performing these methods, you should speak to some of the authorized Sage experts .

Accounting Professionals & Specialized Experts

Want quick help from accounting software experts? Get in touch with our team members who can install, configure and configure your software for you. Proficient in fixing technical issues, they can help you quickly get back to work whenever you encounter an error in Sage software. Our team is available 24/7 365 days to assist you. To get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am facing the Sage Won’t Open issue while the Sage 50 application is running in the background. How to fix this?

Please follow the steps below to fix Sage Won’t Open issue – 
1. Press ctrl +alt + del 
2. Now click on the Start Task Manager tab 
3. If you are using Windows 7, Server or Vista, Click on Process
4. If you are using Windows 8 or 10, click on More Details and then on Details
5. Next, click on the peachw.exe file
6. Click End Task
7. Close the task manager
8. Lunch the Sage software again and verify if the issue persists.

What causes the ‘Sage 50 Does Not Open in Windows 10’ issue?

Many technical reasons may contribute to this issue Sage 50 does not open in windows 10. We are listing some of these below- 
1. Damaged windows user profile
2. Pervasive is blocked by a firewall
3. Sage 50 data path is not correct
4. Pervasive blocked by UAC
5. Damaged program files
6. The pervasive service is not functioning 
7. The workstation is unable to ping the server by name
8. The server is not able to find the default workstation by IP Address

My Sage 50 Hangs on Startup. Why is this happening?

Some of the most prominent reasons why this issue occurs Sage 50 hangs on startup are listed below-
1. The software is being blocked by a real-time scanner
2. .NET framework getting corrupt
3. DNS using IPv6 has high latency
4. An issue in the Firewall Settings
5. Pervasive has stopped working
6. The local admin may have failed to enable it . NET in Windows
7. The DDF. Files present in the company data folder have been damaged
8. The DNS is not working properly

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