Sage 50 Error 1305: ‘The Installation of Pervasive Database Has Failed’

Sage Error 1305

Many users of Sage 50 have informed us that they have faced regular issues while installing or configuring the software. Out of the different error codes the users receive while installing or configuring the Sage software, the Sage 50 Error 1305 – The Installation of Pervasive Database Has Failed’, is a pretty common one.

In this blog, we will look atpLRQxVKoRh3yYGVZ1jnKIuBeZ vxvyfUSGAT1GYmTM9eR8WyniFXk75pds9vD7SkBz0uzb some effective solutions to resolve this issue. If you are also experiencing this error code of late, please go through this blog, implement the solutions mentioned herein and get rid of this issue.

Before proceeding to troubleshoot, let’s first explore the reasons why this issue occurs at all..

What are the Causes of Sage 50 Error 1305?

Many technical and functional issues in your systemMqS7UnwuG3QDeS3aej 7LOX2gnpgtMZlTLfx G kvmlgfZiNTdu4 q5INuXu0EkSbFtIzsiR8FW7O7tDGb23iQL may lead to the occurrence of this Sage 50 error 1305. Some of them are listed below-

  • One or more of the security programs installed on your computer is preventing the installation/configuration of the Sage 50 software.
  • Some other software installed on your computer is preventing the installation/configuration.
  • The UAC (User Account Control) is enabled.
  • Improper installation of the Pervasive Database
  • Improper installation of the Sage 50 components/files
  • If the PSQL Server engine 64 bit is installed
  • The PervasiveMin folder has been removed by mistake from the installation folder
  • Insufficient WindowsImage of Windows icon png user permissions

Procedure to Resolve Sage 50 Error 1305?

Here, we will discuss multiple methods to fix the Sage 50 Error 1305

Total Time: 35 minutes

Turn off the UAC (User Account Control)

Please follow the below-mentioned process to put off the UAC in WindowsImage of Windows icon png 7, 8, 8.1 and 10-
🔸 On your keyboard, press Windows+R together
🔸 The Run window will pop up.
🔸 Type Control Panel in the box  provided
🔸 Click OK.
🔸 Select User Accounts 
🔸 Click on User Accounts (Classic View).
🔸 Click on the Change user account control settings tab
🔸 You will get a prompt from UAC. 
🔸 Choose Yes 
🔸 Move the slider. 
🔸 Set it to Never Notify 
🔸 Select OK
🔸 It will turn the UAC off
🔸 Restart the computer
🔸 Check if you are still getting the issue

Modify the Security Settings on your System

This method will be useful if one or more of the security programs installed on your computer is preventing the installation/configuration of the Sage 50 software. To modify the security settings, please follow the steps below-

Before starting the installation, make sure to deactivate any anti-virus software running on your system
🔸 Install the Selective Startup 
🔸 To perform this, right-click the setup.exe file
🔸 Click on the Run as administrator tab
🔸 Modify the security settings to allow the updates from Sage 50.

Verify if the Correct Sage 50 Installer File is Situated in the Install Directory

Please follow the steps below-
🔸 Check if you have any installer file ( such as setup.exe) situated in your Install directory at all
🔸 If you can view any such file, please check if it is correct for the particular version of Sage you are installing 
🔸 If you are using any other setup file, situated in another location in your system, browse to the relevant directory
🔸 Finally, double-click on the setup.exe for the installation to begin

While dealing with any kind of software, we should always understand that the majority of software is prone to errors and Sage 50 is no exception. We acknowledge how annoying it can be if you experience such bugs and errors while being in the middle of something important. This is why, in this blog, we tried to provide you with some easy solutions to fix the Sage 50 Error 1305. If you are still not able to troubleshoot this issue with the solutions provided above, or, if you have any more queries, you should get in touch with some authorized Sage experts 1800 964 3096.


I need to install the Sage 50 Accounts V 23. What is the procedure to install it from the installation files?

Please perform the steps below-
🔹 Navigate to the Start menu
🔹 Now click the type field 
🔹 Type Run in the box 
🔹 Press Enter on your keyboard
🔹 The Run window will appear on your screen
🔹 Type %temp% on the text box
🔹 Press Enter 
🔹 Navigate to the Sage Accounts folder 
🔹 Double-click to open the folder
🔹 Here, locatepLRQxVKoRh3yYGVZ1jnKIuBeZ vxvyfUSGAT1GYmTM9eR8WyniFXk75pds9vD7SkBz0uzb the Sage 50 Accounts v23.msi file. 
🔹 Now, double-click on it to begin  the installation process 
🔹 The installation wizard will come up on your screen 
🔹 Please follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation 
🔹 After the installation is complete, close the window

Can the Sage 50 accounts be installed on multiple computers?

Yes. It can be done. All you need to do is to purchase a license for each of the computers where you wish to install the Sage software. If you are a Sage Accountants Network (SAN) member, you can purchase any number of user licenses in the range of 2 to 40.

For what type of companies is Sage 50 more beneficial?

Sage 50 is regarded as more beneficial for comparatively smaller companies. This means a company that does not expect an influx of more than 10 users at a particular time.

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