Sage 50 Error 1326 Getting File Security Error

Sage 50 Error 1326

Sage 50 Error 1326 is a common error that occurs when users try to access the Sage 50 accounting software. The error message usually reads “Getting File Security Error” and can prevent users from accessing the software or opening their company files.

Sage 50 provides optimistic accounting-specific features to boost productivity. While operating the accounting software, sometimes, the user faces the Sage 50 Run-time error code 1326. Due to this issue, Sage 50 fails or crashes it’s executing. It interrupts your work and gives continuously annoying notification about the issue unless it is resolved. Here in the below article, we will explain about causes and methods to troubleshoot Sage 50 Error: 1326 Error getting file security.

Sage 50 Error 1326: Getting file security Symptoms

The error message with Sage 50 1326 error getting file security can come up on your system screen at any time when you execute Sage 50. The message comes again and again until it is not fixed. It might be due to virus infection, which has given rise to a Sage 50 run-time error. Sometimes users may face a sudden drop in internet connection.

Major Causes of Runtime Error 1326 Error in Sage 50

  • Memory problems
  • Incompatible driver
  • Virus infections
  • Trying to run the incompatible program along with Sage 50

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Steps for Troubleshoot Sage 50 1326 Error Getting file Security

The problem must be fixed immediately to avoid further issues. Here are some methods to remedy the error:

Solution 1-Check and Close Conflicting Programs:

The Sage 50 run-time error 1326 might be happening due to conflicting programs. So stop those conflicting programs to resolve the issue. Here are the steps:

  • Press Ctrl-Alt-Del simultaneously to Open Task Manager window
  • It will display the list of currently executing programs.
  • Locate processes option and then stop the program by hitting on the end process button
  • You have to determine if the error message will display each time when you stop a particular process.
  • Once you successfully identified which program is behind the issue, then go ahead with the further step, reinstalling that application.

Solution 2-Reinstall or Update the conflicting Program:

Use Control Panel:

  • Locate Search box of your system and write control Panel and then hit on Uninstall or Update
  • Discover inside Programs and Features
  • Hit on the Problematic program
  • Choose Uninstall/Update
  • If you select Uninstall, you have to follow the prompt instruction to uninstall, re-download it and then install the program; however, if you select the update, then follow the instruction to complete the process

Solution 3-Download and install the Windows Update to update the Antivirus Program:

If the run-time error is due to any virus infection, then you have to quarantine or delete it. Ensure that you update the virus software and do the computer scanning or execute Windows Update to fix the virus’s error.

Solution 4-Perform the re-installation of Run-time Libraries:

Sometimes mandatory Run-time libraries like MS Visual C++ Package are not properly installed, or some files might be missing. Consequently, create the run-time error. To fix it, you need to uninstall the current package and then re-install a new one. Follow the steps to uninstall:

  • Locate Control Panel and then go to Program & Features
  • Discover the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package
  • Hit on un-install
  • Once the un-installation process is done, then reboot the system
  • Now download the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ redistribute package and then install it

Solution 5-Start Running Disk Cleanup:

You might experience the run-time issue due to the low free space available on your system. Check it, if found then follow the steps:

  • Firstly back up the files and then free up the space available in the hard drive
  • Clear the cache and then reboot the system
  • Open the explorer window
  • Do right click on the main directory
  • Hit on Properties
  • Choose Disk Cleanup

Solution 6-Re-install Incompatible Driver:

  • Locate Device manager
  • Select the driver which is in-compatible
  • Right-click on it and then Hit on Un-install
  • Restart the system

Solution 7-Reset Internet Explorer:

  • Locate search box and write Internet option
  • Discover Advanced option
  • Hit on the Reset button
  • If still error occurs then check to disable script debugging in Advanced option
  • Select it by inserting a checkmark
  • Un-select the Display a Notification about every Script error
  • Hit on the Apply button and then click Ok
  • Reboot the system

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Hopefully, the above write-up about Sage 50 Error: 1326 Error getting file security provides you awareness to resolve it. If the written solution does not sort out your issue or need to ask any other queries, then give a ring to Sage 50 technical support number 1800 964 3096. A hub of professional is there for you! Call and get the solution in one go. Moreover, there is a Sage 50 live chat support option available to get on spot answers or drop an email along with doubts. One of the team members will reply to you as soon as possible without keeping you wait.

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💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

What causes Sage 50 Error 1326?

Sage 50 Error 1326 can be caused by a variety of factors, including issues with file permissions, user account control settings, or antivirus software. It can also occur if the user does not have sufficient permissions to access the files or if the files are in use by another application.

How can I troubleshoot Sage 50 Error 1326?

There are several troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve Sage 50 Error 1326. These include checking file permissions, disabling user account control, disabling antivirus software temporarily, or reinstalling the software. It’s important to identify the root cause of the error to effectively resolve it.

Can I prevent Sage 50 Error 1326 from occurring?

To prevent Sage 50 Error 1326 from occurring, you can take steps such as ensuring that you have the necessary permissions to access files, disabling unnecessary antivirus software, and regularly updating your Sage 50 software to the latest version.

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