Sage Payroll Update Error 0x80070002

Sage Payroll Update Error 0x80070002

Sage helps a lot in reference to managing business to everyone. However, working with Sage provides you an unexpected error like Sage payroll update error 0x80070002. This error may lead to a serious problem that impacts your work and productivity.

To resolve this issue you must be aware of the methods and this article covers the detail related to Sage 50 Update Error 0x80070002 its causes and related methods.

Causes of Sage Payroll Update Error 0x80070002

Sage Payroll Error code 0x80070002 is the error which is encountered during the Windows update. You may also come across error code 0x80070002 while working on the computer Windows to get the computer updates installed. Registry problem, Time and date problem, file damage issue related errors might occur during Payroll update error . The error might occur because of the failure of a payroll update which leads to the problem of mismatched data. By removing the damaged files, you can get rid of the error easily.

windows update error

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Methods to Fix Sage Payroll Update Error 0x80070002

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution I: Check the Time and Date Settings

Check the Time and Date Settings

Although not a distinctive one, however, this solution functions and could help to solve your error easily. Wrong date and time certainly affects the Payroll update in a harmful manner. Perform these steps first prior to performing other steps.

🔹 Click on Date and Time available on the lower right corner of Window screen, after that click on Change time and date settings
🔹 Date and Time window displays after pressing on the button prompting to Change date and time
🔹 Enter the correct Time and Date Settings and once you have changed, click OK in order to save the changes saved

Restart your system and start the payroll updates that are installed. If the error still exists, then continue performing the next solution.

Solution II: Use the Payroll Update Troubleshooter

Download the Payroll Update troubleshooter tool to get this issue fixed. This tool is helpful in fixing and diagnosing automatically the common Payroll Update error.

Solution III: Remove the Payroll Update File

If the Sage error code 0x80070002 still occurs, it is because of the unsuccessful process of payroll updates. It means some files are damaged. Ensure that these files are removed and then attempt updating the Payroll again. Perform the given steps to manually solve the error.

Steps IV: Ensure that Payroll Update Service is Stopped

🔹 Go to Start button, and then click on Control Panel. After that enter administrative tools in the search box, type and press the Enter button
🔹 On the window that appears in the screen, find the Service and double click on the services. If you are asked for confirmation, enter the administrator or the confirmation password and then confirm by entering the password
🔹 In order to alphabetically classify the items, click on the Name tab. This helps you in searching the Payroll update conveniently.

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Hopefully the given article is helpful, You can easily resolve the Sage Payroll Update Error 0x80070002. For any guidance or help dial and get in touch with the Sage team. The helpline is available round the clock to assist you with quality resolutions. Sage experts are trained, educated, and having many years of experience which helps them to provide quality service on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is a Registry Problem?

The registry error means there is a problem with the registry of the computer Operating system such as a missing file which does not let the computer boot properly.

What is Payroll Update Error 0x80070002?

This error is one of the common errors which occur due to many issues and it arises while updating the Sage payroll update.

Can I get a call back from the Sage Technician?

Yes, you need to visit and fill the contact form with the relevant details and soon you will get a call from one of the dedicated Sage experts.

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