How would I Go about Printing Old Receipts without Posting them Again?

Print Receipts in Sage 50

Sage 50 has been helping businesses accomplish their accounting tasks with a high degree of efficiency. This premier accounting software is loaded with enhanced tools & functions and no surprise why it is extremely popular all around the world. This blog will discuss one important feature incorporated into this accounting software- the printing of receipts. Here, we will tell you how to go about printing receipts in Sage 50 and will provide other associated information. If you are yet to use this feature, this blog will help you immensely. Hence, we request you to go through the blog till the end.

What is the Procedure to Print Receipts in Sage 50?

First, you need to add receipts in Sage 50 before printing. There are 2 ways how you can

Method 1:

If you have sent an invoice to one of your customers, you need to apply the receipt to the relevant invoice. Invoices entered in Sage, in the Sales/Invoicing window would appear as distribution lines, when you provide the customer ID. You can verify the Pay column adjacent to each invoice, paid in full by this particular receipt.

Method 2:

If you have made a direct sale which did not need an invoice, you will need to go to the Receive Money screen. Then you will need to and enter it by clicking on the Apply to Revenues tab. Here, you will need to specify a check number and the particular sales account.

While entering a receipt, you can:

  • Enter the receipt amount. Then you can let Sage 50 choose the invoices to be paid on the Apply to Invoices tab. Alternatively, you can click on the Apply to Revenues tab and enter the line item information.

You can use the way that suits the best for you. If the need arises, you can also change the receipt amount or any of the information entered on the tabs. However, do make sure the receipt amount is equal to the total of the amounts shown on each of the tabs, before saving the receipt.

To print a receipt in Sage 50, you will need to go to the Receive Money window and click on the print button. It will both print and save the receipt.

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How can I Print Old Receipts without Posting them?

Sometimes, you may forget to print a receipt created already under Purchase Orders. If you want to print it later and do not want to post it again, go to the PO Forms section. Now click on Receiving Slips and click on the Print button.

We hope the discussion above would help you print a receipt in Sage 50 with utmost ease. We have also discussed how you can print old receipts without posting them. If you are still having any issues in carrying out the steps above, you may get in touch with some of the authorized Sage experts 1800 964 3096.

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How to enter a batch of Receipts by using the ‘Quick Receipt Entry’ Feature in Sage 300Cloud?

Please follow the steps below-
🔹 Navigate to the Accounts Receivable section
🔹 Click on A/R Transactions
🔹 Go to Quick Receipt Entry 
🔹 Click on the plus button. This will let you create a new batch.
🔹 Specify the batch date.
🔹 Choose the bank relevant to the receipts.
🔹 Choose the particular Transaction Type of the Receipts.
🔹 Choose or enter the Customer Number.
🔹 Select /enter the Payment Code.
🔹 Please enter the check/reference field. It is not mandatory to enter this information but it may help you for future reference.
🔹 From this screen, you can either print a receipt for a customer or print a deposit slip 
🔹 Next, click on Close to save the changes made
🔹 Please Note: you will still need to apply and post the receipts

How to generate a NACH/ACH Payment in Sage?

Please follow the steps sequentially-
🔹 Open Sage 50
🔹 Click to open the menu named 4-3-1 Select Invoices to Pay 
🔹 Set it to pay the correct vendor invoices
🔹 Open the menu labelled 4-3-2 Pay Vendors 
🔹 Mark the Payee check box for the concerned vendor. 
🔹 “Yes” will appear in the ACH available column
🔹 Navigate to the Pay by field
🔹 Click on the option to pay by ACH Payment 
🔹 Now click on the Pay Vendors tab
🔹 The Vendor ACH Payment File Creator window will open up on your screen
🔹 Type in the correct Deposit Date and Transaction Date
🔹 Click on the Create File tab

What is the Procedure to Email a Single Invoice from Sage 50?

Please follow the sequential steps given below-
🔹 Open Sage 50
🔹 Go to the Tasks menu
🔹 Click on Sales/Invoicing.
🔹 Enter or select your customer ID. On selecting the customer ID, your default information will be displayed by Sage

Please Note– If you have not created a customer profile, click on the Add New customer link. The maintained customers/prospects window will open up. You can enter the customer information here. 
🔹 Create the invoice

Please Note– If you have already created the invoice, go to Lists>Customers & Sales>Sales Invoices. Then open the Sales Invoice List Window. Select the particular invoice you want to send over email. 
🔹 Click on Email
🔹 Go to the Email Forms dialog box 
🔹 Click on Send

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