Migrate Sage 50 Desktop to Sage 50c

Migrate Sage Desktop to Sage 50c

“Migrating from Sage 50 Desktop to Sage 50c (formerly known as Sage 50cloud)”

Want to upgrade from Sage 50 Desktop to Sage 50C? Sage provides you lots of options to run your business with advanced technology. Sage itself keeps upgrading to meet the expectations of the users. The below article helps you to know about migrating the Sage 50 Desktop to Sage 50C. For more information, you can dial or visit www.accountingadvice.co to get the step by step assistance.

Move to Sage 50 c and see how it can help you to keep track of your business, of your books while running your business. Below are some benefits to convert to Sage 50C:

  • Simple Reliable and Compliant – Sage accounting software is very easy and it helps you to keep the business current and compliant as per the latest information and advanced technology
  • Run your Business from anywhere – No matter where you are, your business will keep running as usual. It means you can manage the business from anywhere, from office, on the go and gives you a secure cloud and mobile access to your business data
  • Automate Mundane – Automate mundane admin tasks and free up valuable resources and time. Sage helps you to timely focus on From importing bank transactions to accepting payments.
  • Collaborate – Convenience of multi-tasking and multi-user access to the online accounting system while collaborating with your accountant real-time so that you can always ready for the tax time
  • Control your Business – Control your business, be fast and make better, faster decisions with effective output and cash flow management at your fingertips
  • Go Digital – Never lose paperwork again while working. Sage helps you to go with the paperless concept and saving your documents online with the same security as your bank does

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Steps to Migrate from Sage 50 Desktop to Sage 50 C

Step 1 –  Do the Reconciliation

Pick any one day for your move which will be the new accounting period. Such as the start of a new month or quarter. While doing the reconciliation of your bank account with the sage 50 don’t forget to print the Account Reconciliation Summary with the outstanding Transaction Details report which will be needed for the first reconciliation in sage accounting.

Step 2 – Export your Data

Once you are ready to download , install, and run the migration tool to create a new sage accounting account. Now export your company data and upload it to Sage accounting. You will be guided for every step.

Step 3 – Move and Validate the Data

A third and last step you need to make sure that the data matches in the post-migration report and then you are ready to go.

Desktop vs Online which is better for you?

From the below comparison anyone can easily calculate which version is correct for you.

Vendors and PayablesAvailableAvailable
Customers and InvoicingAvailableAvailable
PayrollAvailableAvailable through third-party integration
In product technical supportNAAvailable
Send invoices from mobileNAAvailable
Collaborate with your accountant in real-timeNAAvailable
Unlimited multi-user accessNAAvailable
Automatically downloaded bank transactionsAvailableAvailable

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Get in touch

For any assistance dial Sage 50 technical support number 1800 964 3096 and get back to Sage 50 helpdesk. Sage 50 experts are available 24*7 to assist you with all the possible manner to get you quick assistance.  The sage team is professional, polite, and always ready to help the users so that users can simply focus on managing the accounting instead of wasting time in errors and issues. You can email at [email protected] or visit the website www.accountingadvice.co to get the response from the sage team.

Accounting Professionals & Specialized Experts

Want quick help from accounting software experts? Get in touch with our team members who can install, configure and configure your software for you. Proficient in fixing technical issues, they can help you quickly get back to work whenever you encounter an error in Sage software. Our team is available 24/7 365 days to assist you. To get in touch.

💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

How to Transfer Sage from one Computer to another?

Follow the step by step instructions ;
🔹 Firstly close all the software
🔹 Then download the relevant software version.
🔹 Press Ctrl+J to view the download folder.
🔹 Now click yes for allow the app to make changes to your devices
🔹 Then click for accept the term the terms of the License Agreement check box
🔹 Click next.
Before doing this create a backup of data
🔹 Download and install the software
🔹 Restore all the data to the new computer
🔹 Uninstall old from your computer

How to Migrate from Sage 50 to Sage 50 cloud?

Moving sage 50 to Sage 50 cloud
🔹 Firstly Prepare to migrate from sage 50
🔹 Then download the switching Report.
🔹 Now export the data from Sage 50
🔹 Check setting in Accounting
🔹 Then import Sage 50 data into Accounting
🔹 Now Check the Imported Data.

How to Import Journal Entries from Excel to Sage 50?

🔹 Firstly click the audit trail transactions and click next.
🔹 Select either Comma-separated or Excel worksheet
🔹 Now browse import File
🔹 Click open
🔹 Then click next and then Import

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