How to Fix your Sage 50 Activation Key has Expired Error

Activation Key for Sage 50 has Expired Error

Sage 50 accounting software helps you keep track on your business ethics as well as your accounting transactions. You can always track your transaction from the past and perform your actions accordingly. If you compare sage with other accounting software, it is endorsed with various new and advanced cutting-edge tools and features which, thus, provide an ease in performing tasks. But, due to various external and internal reasons, your software may be hit with. Furthermore, it can create other technical issues and errors.

What are Real Causes of Expiry of Sage 50 Activation Key?

  • Expired Anti-virus or Pervasive License key.
  • Anti-Virus blocked by firewall.
  • Pervasive requires to be restarted.
  • Domain Name System (DNS) not working properly.
  • Pervasive 9.1 or the Analyzer is still installed.

What steps, under the solution method, you should take to get issue resolved?

  • Solution No. 1: Expiry of Pervasive License Key:
    • At first, close your sage 50 software.
    • Now, reboot your system.
    • Navigate to the path of the program.
    • Run the extension SageReg.exe.
    • Now, click on the status key.
    • Then, click on the status key check button.
    • If you can easily obtain permanent key (present in the license type), leave it there. If you can’t obtain, continue to the next step.
    • Click on the active button.
    • Now, the instruction that you will receive, retrieve the activation window and open Sage 50 to complete the activation.
  • Solution No. 2: Anti-virus Blocked Activation Process
    • Renew the subscription of your Anti-virus.
    • Now, verify that your sage 50 is now properly activated or not.
  • Solution No. 3: Damaged Files and Folder
    • Close your Sage 50 program.
    • Now, restart your system.
    • Now, browse to the data path from the resources.
    • Delete all the files carefully.
      • Xml, Dat, Dat.bak
    • Try to reopen sage 50.
    • Check that the program is successfully activated. If it is still not activated, move to the next step.
  • Solution No. 4: Damaged Pervasive Installation
    • Close your Sage 50 application.
    • Now, before you restart the pervasive, try to uninstall it.
    • Remove all the versions of pervasive.
    • Now, open your Sage 50.
    • Verify that the program is successfully activated or not.
  • Solution No. 5: Damaged Sage 50 File
    • Close your Sage 50 application
    • Now, uninstall your sage 50
    • Reinstall your Sage 50 Accounting Software.
    • Now, open the software and verify that it is working properly or not.

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