How to Fix Sage 50 BOB Error 5185

Sage 50 BOB Error 5185

About Sage Bob Error 5185

While working with Sage online accounting software, you may face error because of so many issues

When local server connections are restricted, this error will display on your screen. This error will occur due to restrictions from a web server, an application server, a terminal server or any other type of middle-ware server while working with this software. Here, you get all information regarding Sage bob error 5185.

Causes of Sage 50 BOB Error 5185

There so many certain reasons of causes these errors, all are given below:

  • This Sage 50 BOB error 5185 error will occur due to non-violating the license agreement like your web application access is not able to transfer the data.
  • This error also occurs when local server connections are restricted due to down web server, terminal server or any other middleware
  • This error also when you lose connectivity during installation.

If an application using this software product which is distributed to work with advantage database server, the application must be “client” which is directly access to use the data. To specify only desktop have advantage local server DLL loaded into memory and they have access to the data is obtained by the advantages provided by local server DLL. It is very legal to take all advantages from local, web or any other server to process the data on behalf of o remote computers.

Steps for fix Sage 50 BOB Error 5185

 To fix this error you need to follow these steps:

  • You must be sure about proper internet access while installing or updating this software.
  • Make sure, system requirements meet with upgraded version of this software.
  • If your license expired then extend the date agree with all terms & conditions.
  • If you still facing the error then you need some lines ini file under the [SETTINGS] section to disable this check to get rid from this error.

How to reach us?

After all this assistance, if you still face any issue or any query in your mind regarding Sage, feel free to contact our Sage 50 technical support team via Sage 50 customer service number 1800 964 3096 or send an email at our official website [email protected]. You can also chat with us via Sage 50 chat support; link is given at the right corner of our official website. Our expert is always available to resolve your all issues as soon as possible.

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