How to Fix Sage Decline Error Code 00005

To Fix Sage Decline Error Code 00005

Sage Decline Error Code 00005 is a payment processing error that occurs in Sage Pay, a popular payment gateway used by businesses to process online payments securely. This error code is related to the declined transaction, which means the payment has not been authorized or approved by the customer’s bank or card issuer.

Ever encountered the problem that you have authorized a merchant to use your credit card and the transaction has been declined for some unknown reasons? It happens to almost everyone once in a lifetime. How does it feel when you want to buy something that you want desperately and the payment has been declined? It is obviously embarrassing and the time that tests your patience. Well, it happens with Sage 50 too. There is this Sage 50 error code 00005 which implies that the transaction through a credit card has been rejected by the bank. In simply words the code refers to Do Not Honor any transaction. Inform the customer of the decline instantly without any hesitation.

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Causes of Sage Error Code 00005

Make sure you don’t attempt the transaction again any time before twenty four hours. That may create a major problem for the customer.

  • A damaged file of the Windows system
  • An incomplete installation of any file or software or an incomplete uninstallation can be another
  • Improper deletion of an application or hardware
  • Recovery of the system from any virus or malware
  • Not following the proper way of shut down
  • Other reasons can be invalid CVV, invalid card number, expiration date or other information related to the card
  • Insufficient funds can be a major reason
  • The bank feels that the location from where the transaction is being carried out is suspicious
  • Many rules of banks which can be considered

I am sure none of us would like to go through this. There are two possible ways of fixing this error code without seeking help from any professional. One is the Advanced Computer User Solution and the other one is the Novice Computer User Solution. Let’s have a peep into each of them.

Steps for Fix Sage Decline Error Code 00005

Here two simple steps to fix this issue:

Advanced Computer User Solution

  • This troubleshoot is also known as Manual Update. To begin with you can start your computer and log on as the administrator. Then follow the steps as below-
  • Now click on the Start button of the computer to select All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Submit System Restore
  • The new window that pops up, select Restore my Computer to an earlier time option and then click Next
  • You will see a list On the list, check the restore point, click on the most recent time and then click on Next
  • You will get a confirmation window on which you need to click Next
  • Restoration will begin. Once it finishes, Restart the computer
  • After these steps, you can try doing the transaction and it will work.

Novice Computer User Solution

  • This method is a completely automated one, so nothing much is to be done on your part for the problem to be fixed. You will however need to download Sage Error Code 00005 repair utility kit.
  • Start installing the tool and then click on scan so that if there is any malware and anti-virus, it is detected and killed instantly. The final step is to restart the computer. It was simple, wasn’t it?
  • This was what could be done by you. The customers can be requested to contact the bank.
  • The customer can inform the bank that they have been trying to get the payment through and the bank after having seen the failed attempts would probably let it through after a lock period of about 30 minutes.
  • After the lock period, you can try using a different browser or on the same browser, clear the cookies, so that the new purchase can be made making the previous ones null and void.

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If we try those possible hacks, the transaction will go through and both the parties are happy.


In conclusion, Sage Decline Error Code 00005 is a common payment processing error that businesses may encounter while using Sage Pay. It is important to understand the causes and solutions to this error to ensure a smooth and secure payment process for customers. We assure first call resolution of even the most complicated issues. So, call us toll free at and we can help you make the most out of your business accounting software.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Sage Pay?

Sage Pay is a secure payment gateway that allows businesses to process online payments securely.

Why does Sage Decline Error Code 00005 occur?

Sage Decline Error Code 00005 can occur due to various reasons, such as an invalid card number or card type, insufficient funds, or an expired card.

How to resolve Sage Decline Error Code 00005?

To resolve Sage Decline Error Code 00005, businesses need to check the card details entered by the customer and ensure that they are correct. They can also contact the customer to verify the information or ask them to try another card. If the problem persists, they should contact Sage Pay service for further assistance.

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