Sage 50 Payroll Year-End 2020

Sage Payroll Year End 2020

In the Sage payroll year-end 2020, you need to complete the payroll for the year-end before the tax. So it’s approaching and you are new to it or have no plans for its preparations; don’t panic. Here is the checklist that helps you in doing things properly and on time. Make your payroll team ready to do this process. Below are the things to do and also remember to report to the HMRC for the previous year’s tax. This has the date of submission that is 19th April.

Things you Need to do for Sage 50 Payroll year-end 2020

  1. You must have your P60s ready

In this, all the employees of your organization who are still working with you till the final day of the tax that is April 5 of that year have to receive their P60 by the organization before the 31st May. Just be sure that you have that much P60s to pay their employees. The important information document has summarizes their pay and the deduction of the tax year. If you won’t have enough P60s forms then take some time and grab enough needed.

  1. Check the date for ending of Payroll

In this, if you are confused then just count to week 52 and if there is no 53rd week available then do it normally as you did it every year. This extra week is not available to you if you do pay the salary on a monthly basis but it is available when you pay wages on a weekly basis. In this, if your pays that are weekly, fortnightly, or monthly and their dates are fall on 4-5th April then you have a benefit of 53rd week. You have to complete the payroll till 5th April normally before starting the year-end process.

  1. Find out the leavers

If any employee left your organization then you have to do the process for them as leavers. For submitting the Employer Payment Summary (EPS) and Full Payment Submission (FPS) you have to do this process.

  1. Send the final FPS that you made for the end of the year

At the year-end, process the final payroll for the tax year. Check if you have made any employees leave. After that send the FPS and also send EPS if required. Submit the last FPS by processing it at the end of the year as it is the part of the preparation.

It is done for the final period. You have to do the internet submission when you are going to process the final year-end payroll. You don’t get any difference between the EPS and FPS in the final. The 19th of April is the deadline for doing this.

  1. Process the Sage payroll year-end 2020

You have to check the date of the payroll when you process it. The date must be set as April 5 of each year. Now do the final submission after processing the year-end. After completing this, produce the P60s then do receive the needs of employees by 31st May of every year.

After this the payroll process is completed for this financial year-end. Now you can easily enter in next financial year payroll.

  1. The year-end dates of payroll that you must know

There are some important dates that help you at the time of payroll year-end and these dates are:-

  • 5th April- The tax year ends date
  • 6th April- Beginning of the next tax year
  • From 6th April- Update your software of payroll and also update the records of employees payroll
  • 19th April- Final tax year submission’s deadline
  • Before 31st May- Give P60s to the Employees
  • Before 6th July- Use payroll software to report the benefit and expenses
  • 6th July- Deadline for submitting the P11D and P11D(b) forms
  • 19th July- 1A National Insurance Contributions class with HMRC.

How to reach us?

Now, you know what and how to do Sage payroll year-end 2020 and also, know till which date you have to complete it. So it’s easy for you to do so before the end date. If you have any queries or any issues then connect with the team easily by dialing the toll-free Sage 50 customer support number 1800 964 3096. They are glad to be there for you all the time and provide you the assistance whenever needed. The members of the team are talented and have resolved many glitches easily so they can answer all your problems. If any issue while connecting via number then send the email or do a Sage 50 live chat with the team.

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