How to Fix Runtime Error 10061

Fix Runtime Error 10061 Issue

Running into error is not a brand new phenomenon and we are bound to face one when working on various software programs. However, there are certain specific solutions to encounter the errors; with most of them being quite simple to execute all the same. So, How to Fix Runtime Error 10061? But first, let us get to know what is ‘Error 10061’ and why it occurs.

Error 10061: What Does it Mean?

10061 Error window

Simply put, the Runtime Error 10061 means that the connection was refused. This is because the target machine has refused the connection. The main cause for this to occur can be maybe because the user is trying to make a connection to a service which is inactive on the ‘foreign host’. This implies the fact that you are trying to access a service which has no server application running.

The Main Causes for the Runtime Error 10061

Let us take a look at some of the main reasons for the occurrence of the Runtime Error 10061:

“The connection to the server has failed. Account: ‘E-mail_account’, Server:’SMTP_Server’, Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure (SSL): NO, Socket error: 10061”

The above is the message one usually receives.

“ The connection to the server has failed. Account: ‘E-mail_account’, Server:’your_POP3_server’, Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure (SSL): NO, Socket error: 10061”

This is the error one usually receives when trying to email and SMTP


The above is the error one usually receives when the user attempts to email a POP3. 

As we can see from the above occurrences, each of these errors occurs when the connection made has been unsuccessful, as it was refused by the host machine. This generally happens when the host machine is either blocking the attempt or is unavailable due to some reason. 

In case the message has been sent through Port 25, which is usually used to send messages or Port 10 which is a port generally used for receiving messages, which can also generate a runtime error 10061. While the main cause of the error can be refusal from the host machine, there are also other reasons that one should know of:

The hardware drivers are out of date

  • A Virus has infected the system
  • The Windows registry has caused corruption in the system
  • A corrupted software installation
  • Faulty computer memory modules

So, you see, basic reasons like hardware faults, and outdated drivers are some of the most simple yet commonly occurring reasons for the Runtime Error 10061. Now, let us take a look at the solutions to encounter this error.

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Runtime Error 10061: How to Fix it

There are various manners in which the Runtime Error 10061 may manifest on your system. Any of these reasons can be linked or tied with any other errors as well. Hence we need to take a look at some of the top solutions to fix this one error. 

However, before you start with implying any of the solutions, there are a few steps, and aspects that you need to take care of. Foremost, you need to ensure that your system is well-connected to the internet. So, you need to test this out by:

  • Start by booting your system
  • Launch the Internet Browser software
  • Next, type a random word, into the Address bar 
  • Click Enter

If your system is connected to the internet, then the various ‘search results’ will appear on the address bar. In case this does not occur, then you know that poor internet connection is the main reason for the Runtime Error 10061 to occur. ‘

In order to rectify a simple Internet connection error, you can simply contact your ISP the soonest and it will be resolved. This is usually done by following a few vital troubleshooting steps to get things up and running in no time. Once done, you need to retry the email client software in order to verify if the error has been resolved. 

Now let us take a look at some of the prime solutions that you can try to fix the error if the above has been checked.

Solution 1: To Disable the other Network Adaptors

There is more than one reason for the occurrence of this error and one of them is the Windows registry, outdated drivers and other potential hardware faults. In order to fix this problem, you need to perform certain diagnostics on the system and determine the network adaptors that are the main cause of this error. Here are the steps to follow and bear in mind that these steps are not foolproof.

Solution 2: Restarting MySQL

The other resolution is to restart the MySQL server and the Apache service. Once done, it should be easy to access PHPMyAdmin again. This error can also be caused by an issue with your internet connection. The other reason can also be because of the Firewall blocking the Winstock connection. In such a situation you will need to clean the registry or restart the system. The process of restarting usually resolves the error within a few minutes. 

The next step consists of checking if the MySQL server is listening on all the network ports. In case it does, then you need to comment out the line containing the bind address. You also need to check your Firewall settings and connection. This will cause the MySQL server to try and connect to a TCP/IP port or the named pipe; hence you need to adjust the Firewall settings. 

But if the same error occurs in an UNIX environment then it can be easily fixed by a reboot.

Solution 3: Restarting the Apache

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important, yet simple solutions for resolving the error is to restart the system. This generally fixes the problem and also ensures that the server is up and running in no time. However, before you restart the server, you will need to check if the system has been configured properly. Hence you will need to ensure that all the necessary ports are free before you try any service. Also, the user should make sure that they are not using any out-of-date version of Apache so that the server can have a clean version of the configuration file. 

For this, you need to ensure that your system is connected to the internet. To test this out, you need to search for ‘restart Apache’ on any search engine you are using or Google. In case you do not see any results, then the cause of the error is a Virus. As you might be knowing, a Virus can easily corrupt the PC settings, thus, leading it to malfunction and prevent it from connecting to the internet. To be sure about the process, you can also run a scan with the antivirus program in order to eliminate any malware that can lead to the error.

Solution 4: Disabling the other Network Adapters

As expected from the user, when you receive this error for the first time, it is essential to try and find the cause of the same. The main causes and reasons can range from something very simple to more complex resolutions. The main cause can be something related to a corrupted Windows registry or even outdated drivers. Here the best solution is to contact the ISP and check what they can resolve. In case none of the methods works, then you can try disabling the other network adapters on both devices and check if it helps. Also, it has been advised by the experts to connect both devices to the same network in case you are planning to use Android Studio. But there are chances that this will not completely solve the entire problem. For this, check again by disabling the Wi-Fi on the router and restarting the Android studio. You can further enhance the problem-shooting by disconnecting the ADB from the other devices and reconnecting it to your system.

Solution 5: Restarting the Windows

The other causes for the Runtime error to occur can be caused by corrupted Windows registry, a potential hardware fault or outdated drivers. Irrespective of the main cause, here you can try to resolve it. Here you can resolve it by following the below, here the first step is to restart the Windows service. 

If all else fails you can also try any other search engine. To do so, you will need to type ‘restart Windows services to fix runtime error 10061.” This will lead to resolving the issue by allowing you to access the internet. In case this also fails, then you will need to get in touch with your ISP and check for any other solution. Also, you can retry the steps above and check if it solves the problems.

Solution 6: Restarting the Windows

In case you have tried all of the above steps and continue to get the error 10061, then it implies that there is a problem with your internet connection. Most times these problems arise due to a Virus, that has managed to corrupt your system setting. This usually prevents the user from accessing the internet. Also, there are some very basic and simple methods to eliminate the Virus and resolve the problem. If all fails, try restarting the Windows and you should be good to go. 

Also, an outdated OS can be the main cause of the Runtime Error 10061. In case your system is outdated, then most likely the modules are not compatible. For this, one can simply update the OS and get on with it. In Windows, one will need to search for the Check for Updates option. Here, opt for the update that you would like to install and click OK. In case of any optional updates, you can install them as well.

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So, there you have it people, these are some of the main solutions for the ‘How to Fix Runtime Error 10061’. In case you still have problems resolving then you can simply get in touch with our team of experts at +1800-964-3096 or drop a mail at [email protected] or join LIVE chat at – for detailed insight into the problems.

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💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

What is the main cause of the Runtime Error 10061?

This is generally a hardware or software-related problem that prevents Internet Explorer from functioning in the right manner. The main reason is that the website is using HTML code which is incompatible with the functioning of the web browser.

Are the Runtime Errors seriously bad?

Yes, this generally implies that something is seriously wrong with the program as and when you try to run it.

What is meant by the Runtime Error?

In simple terms, this means that the user has encountered a problem when the program is being executed.

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