Sage 50 Error 1919 Configuring ODBC Data

sage 50 error 1919

The Sage error message 1919 displays on the computer when you install the Sage account v25. This error is known as an installation error which implies an issue in configuring the ODBC information source: MS Access Database. It also specifies that the system is failed to find some important components in the vault. So to fix it you need to verify the MS Access database’s existence. The below article contained the detailed troubleshooting guide to resolve the Sage 50 installation error 1919.

What is Sage Error 1919?

This is one of the types of installation error in Sage 50 which usually takes place when users attempt to perform Sage Account v25 installation however the process remains incomplete. This error also happens because of the registry error. Let’s delve into the post to know more about the other causes along with the resolutions.

What are the Primary Causes of Sage 50 Error Message 1919?

There might be several factors triggering Sage error code 1919 on the screen. Some of them are below:

  • Missing registry files
  • Incorrect ODBC data source: MS Access database configuration error
  • Unable to access MS Access database
  • The system is not logged in with Administrative privileges.

How to Fix Sage 50 error 1919?

Total Time: 35 minutes

Method 1- Reset Registry Key Using Mdac File Technique:

πŸ’  For this, you need to give a click on the Start button
πŸ’  Hit Run option
πŸ’  Enter β€œPth\inf”
πŸ’  Choose OK
πŸ’  It will redirect you C:\drive
πŸ’  Select Tools option
πŸ’  Choose Folder tab
πŸ’  Click View button
πŸ’  Hit the Advanced Settings option
πŸ’  Choose Show hidden files & folders
πŸ’  Select OK
πŸ’  There will appear Mdac.inf file, give a right-click on it
πŸ’  Choose Install tab
πŸ’  It will display a window asking you for the installation CD in windows
πŸ’  Now insert it in a drive named DVD/CD ROM
πŸ’  Choose the folder named 1385
πŸ’  Hit OK
πŸ’  Now restart the computer

Method 2- Login with Administrator Privileges:

πŸ’  To verify you are logged into the System windows as the admin privileges here are the steps:
πŸ’  First of all press & hold the windows key from the keyboard
πŸ’  Now hit the R key
πŸ’  It will display the Run window
πŸ’  Enter Control Panel
πŸ’  Hit OK
πŸ’  It will display a drop-down list named View by
πŸ’  Choose Large icons
πŸ’  Hit User Accounts
πŸ’  Select Manage User Account
πŸ’  It Administrators appears in the column named Group for the user name, it specifies administrative privileges
πŸ’  If it failed to display then you can ask the network administrator to provide the privileges to install software

Method 3- Download Sage Accounts v26:

πŸ’  Download the account v26 from the trustworthy site
πŸ’  Fill My Sage login info
πŸ’  Hit Sign in
πŸ’  Choose Download button
πŸ’  It will display a prompt asking to save the file
πŸ’  Save the file name
πŸ’  Start the installation of the downloaded file
πŸ’  Once the installation process completes then you need to open each company file in Sage 50 accounts v26 for data conversion
πŸ’  Update all the remote systems


With the above post, you can quickly get rid of the frustrating error code 1919 in Sage 50. However, if the solutions do not sort out the issue you need in-depth Sage assistance to discover the core of the error then get in touch with experts. It would be a time-saving decision. You can write to the team through an email address, give a call 1800 964 3096 or use a Sage 50 live chat option. The team members are experienced to sort out every types of complex error in less time without keeping you in delay or a troubling situation.

FAQs πŸ™:

Can the missing registry key cause the Sage error code 1919?

Yes, missing files in the windows registry might be the cause of the Sage 50 error message 1919. Thus fix the registry error to sort out the same.

Is the damaged MS access database cause error message 1919 on the screen?

Of course, error 1919 is associated with the database configuration error. So when the system finds a corrupted database or failed to access the specific file then there might trigger this error.

When did Sage 50 error message 1919 happen?

This error mainly happens when you try Sage account v25 installation and it gets interrupted for any reason. The error message pop up on the screen

How would I recognize the 1919 error?

This error displays like Error 1919:error configuring ODBC data source.

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