How to Fix Sage 50 Data Migration Error

SAGE Data Migration Errors

One of the best accounting software in the market, Sage 50 is a well-known software for every person dealing with accounting. It was developed by the Sage Group for the small and medium size organizations to do their accounting tasks efficiently. The best part about this software is that even if you not from accounting background, you can easily operate it.

However, all software’s have some solution if any error crops up. Similarly, a Sage user may come across issues like errors during sage migration and may need to resolve the problems faced during migration. Migration is an intimidating task and needs proper planning so that data is secure. The biggest fear is losing data. In such situations, one can get in touch with the by simply calling on their toll free number . They are there to instantly give you sage 50 solution for any issue that you face.

Points You Should Consider Before Starting the Data Migration Process in Sage 50:

By keeping in mind the points below, you may avoid possible data migration issues in Sage 50.

  • Make sure your data is error-free
  • Do not forget to take proper backup of data
  • Make sure that you run your file on Sage.STO.ServerMigrator.exe and not on Sage.STO.ServerDataMigrator.exe.
  • The Sage data migration tool works with accounting update 6.3 and higher. Therefore, you should upgrade the software to version 6.3 before initiating  the data migration process.

Before starting the migration on a new server,  please  check the administrative rights for the server. Also, make sure to minimize the read permission in the old server. To avoid future data migration errors, check if your data, settings and reports are working fine on the new server.

Steps to Fix Sage 50 Data Migration Error

Sage migration can be of many types. Migrating from one accounting package to another is task which needs to be done very carefully. One needs to be careful that data is the most important thing. It should not be lost while migrating. That should be the primary aim. Even though, one can use online websites for conversion or sage migration which also might appear inexpensive and affordable at first glance. However, this has its pros and cons.

The low conversion or migration fee can lead to errors later and also entail expensive hourly post-conversion fees. The kinds of migration can be like converting from Sage 50 Quantum, Premier, or Pro to Sage 50 Online, Premier, Pro, or Enterprise etc.

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There is a sage migration tool too. First and foremost, create a backup. Also, one needs to note that Sage Migration Tool only works on versions 9.8 Accounting Update 6.3 and higher. You have to install update 6.3 prior to running the Sage Migration Tool, if the new server is on 9.8. For versions 12.1 and above, no updates are mandatory. You must run the Sage.STO.ServerMigrator.exe prior to running the Sage.STO.ServerDataMigrator.exe to avoid sage migration errors.

You may receive different error messages when you experience the Data Migration Errors in Sage 50. These are –

 “Data files have not been converted for this company…… Do you want to open the Company Maintenance task window?

Data files have not been converted for this company…… Do you want to run Company Maintenance Now?

 “Data files have not been converted for this company …. Do you want to, open Library Master?”  ( sometimes, the Main menu and Company Maintenance as well)

In all these cases, you should select Yes. This is to convert all the companies before working with the company codes and modules . Now, carry out the below-mentioned steps

  • Enter your Company Code in the text box
  • Press the Enter key
  • navigate to the upper right corner and click on the Convert  tab
  • Open the module named Convert Module information Files .
  • Here, click on the checkbox named “Convert information for All Companies”, if you want to convert all the companies altogether.
  • Click on Proceed to start the conversion process.
  • Once it gets completed, you will receive a prompt saying “Data conversion is complete.”
  • Click OK.
  • Click on the Accept button to exit the Company Maintenance window

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What is

Being a third party Sage tech support consultancy that has a team of trained experts, gives individual resolutions on any type of Sage products and related errors. If Sage customer support 1800 964 3096 is not available for some reason to give you a solution to your problem, then third party tech support company like can give you very quick results irrespective of the fact from whichever corner of the world you calling from 1800 964 3096.

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They have sage certified experts who are available round the clock. They will guide you through the whole process in an easy manner. To contact them, you just have to dial the toll free number or do Sage 50 Live Chat with our support team 24×7.

🔷Frequently Asked Questions🔷

What are the Reasons for Occurrence of the Sage 50 Data Migration Error?

Some of the functional and technical issues that contribute to the occurrence of the Sage 50 Data Migration Error are-
🔷 While upgrading and migrating from a lower Sage version to a higher one, users may fail to convert data from the previous  version to the new. This may lead to  the Sage Data Migration Error.
🔷 While carrying out a product update, some users may forget to convert the Sage 50 company data and data files to the format specified. This is one of the primary reasons why this error occurs.  

Why is it Necessary to Minimize the Read Permission in the Old Server, Before Starting the Sage 50 Data Migration on a New Server?

Before starting the migration on a new server,  you should make sure to minimize the read permission in the old server. This is because the migration will overwrite the security and company data on the new server.

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