Resolve Sage 50 Pervasive Invalid Date Error

Sage 50 Pervasive Invalid Date Error

Sage 50 Pervasive Invalid Date Error happens when you try to change the fiscal year dates. The error message you get is “Error: Invalid date. The Fiscal End date must be later or equal than the Session date.” So to get it fixed you need to follow the process given below by the support team to fix it by your own.

The team members are expert, trained, professional, and experience so they easily get your situation and provide you the best information and solution also. You can also contact them via Sage 50 support number. They are here to resolve all kinds of technical and functional errors. They are in service from last 2 decades so it’s easy for them to get you the best solution with results.

Causes of Sage 50 Pervasive Invalid Date Error

  • The transaction posted of previous date than the fiscal end date.
  • Try to change the fiscal year date.

Solution to Fix Sage 50 Pervasive Invalid Date Error

  1. Restore a backup
    1. Restore the last updated backup that you made before the transactions posting date after Fiscal End date
    2. Now change the Fiscal End date according to your requirement
    3. Then all the transactions need to be entered again since selected backup
  2. Advance the Fiscal Year and create the long fiscal year backup of 13-24 months
  3. Avoid the changing of the Fiscal End date this fiscal year
    1. You need to ask your accountant that it can be delayed or avoided the fiscal year end date for this fiscal year
    2. If yes, then you can do change the Fiscal End date in the next fiscal year
  4. Do create new company file
    1. Open the software
    2. Then create the new company file
    3. Do enter the opening balance of specific date

These are the steps you need to follow to change fiscal year in your Sage 50

  1. In this, you need to open the settings
  2. Then select the option named Fiscal year
  3. Right-click on the option and then select the change option
  4. When it asks you to create the backup and verify data then click on the yes button
  5. Also click on the yes option when it asks you for nominal past data
  6. Do fix the fiscal year start month & year that is required and the press OK button
  7. You need to check press the yes tab and then click on the OK button 2 times when pops-up.

How to get in touch?

If you have any other issues or have more queries then reach the support team to get it resolved. You can contact the team via Sage 50 customer support number , send email at, do live chat with them. They never let you go without any information or solution. Team members are polite, friendly, and well-mannered so they can easily handle all the situations easily.  They are available 24/7 hours all around the world to provide you the best assistance.

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