Sage 50 File System Error 100 in File

File system Error 100 in Sage 50

Sage 50 is powered by a number of incredible features to help businesses accomplish their accounting activities with effortless ease. No wonder why this accounting software is highly regarded by businesses and professionals all over the world. 

However, many users of Sage 50 have intimated to us that they have faced the File system error 100 while trying to access certain files. If you are troubled by this issue or a variant of it, you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss some easy remedies to fix this issue. 

Here we go!

Causes of Sage 50 File System Error 100

Although many technical reasons may contribute to this error, we are listing some prominent ones below-

  • If any of the File attributes are set to ‘Read Only’
  • The Pervasive engine is running as an application and not as a service
  • Damaged Pervasive file 
  • The Pervasive cache is not large enough
  • The User Account Control is enabled
  • The mentioned file is damaged and it can’t be changed by the program
  • Damaged files in a specific company directory

How to Fix the File system Error 100 in Sage?

Here, we will discuss multiple solutions to this issue

Total Time: 35 minutes

Solution 1: If the File Attribute is Set to’ read only’

🔹 Browse to the file location mentioned in the error message
🔹 Do a right-click on the file name
🔹 Choose Properties
🔹 Go to the Attributes section
🔹 Clear the check mark in the Read-only box 
🔹 Click OK
🔹 Try to open the program again and check if the error still exists.

Solution 2: Disable the UAC

🔹 Press Windows+R
🔹 The Run window will come up.
🔹 Type Control Panel
🔹 Select OK.
🔹 Select User Accounts and then tap on User Accounts (Classic View).
🔹 Click on Change user account control settings. You may also receive a prompt from UAC.
🔹 Select Yes to continue.
🔹 Move the slider. 
🔹 Then set it to Never Notify 
🔹 Select OK. It will turn UAC OFF
🔹 Restart the computer.

Solution 3: Stop & Restart the Pervasive (or Actian) Engine

🔹 Log on to the server as admin.
🔹 Click Start 
🔹 On the search box, type services.msc
🔹 Click OK.
🔹 Locate the Actian PSQL Relational Engine
🔹 Right click on it and choose Stop
🔹 Repeat the same for the Actian PSQL Transactional Engine as well
🔹 Now right-click on each of these services and choose Start.

Solution 4: Remove and Reinstall Actian

A) Remove Actian

🔹 Close the Sage 50 application
🔹 Press Windows+R keys
🔹 On the text box, type Control Panel
🔹 Click OK
🔹 Select Programs & Features
🔹 From the list, uninstall the engine named Actian PSQL v13 Workgroup R2 
🔹 Close Control Panel
🔹 Press Windows+R again
🔹 Type C:\ and click OK
🔹 If located, delete the folders pvsw and pvswarch
🔹 If available, delete any file named PSQL_v[version number]_Install.log
🔹 Now go to C:\Windows
🔹 If available, delete the file pvsw.log
🔹 Go to C:\ProgramData
🔹 If you can locate, rename the Pervasive Software folder to OldPervasive Software
🔹 Go to C:\Program Files 
🔹 Rename the Actian folder to OLDActian 
🔹 Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files 
🔹 If available, rename the Actian folder to OLDActian 
🔹 Close Computer
🔹 Press the Windows+R keys again
🔹 Type regedit and select OK
🔹 Right-click on Computer
🔹 Choose Export 
🔹 Save a backup of the Registry on your Desktop 
🔹 Browse to the location
🔹 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node 
If available, delete the folders Pervasive Software and PEYX489ZK
🔹 Close the Registry Editor

B) Reinstall Actian Manually

🔹 Navigate to the installation folder usually found at C:\Sage\Sage50_[version]
🔹 Open the PervasiveMin folder
🔹 For 2020 and higher versions, Run SetupWorkgroup32_x86.exe. For 2019.2 and earlier versions, Run PervasivePSQLv11WGE_x86.msi
🔹 Click Next to proceed
🔹 Accept the license agreement
🔹 Click Next to proceed
🔹 Click Run as a Service
🔹 Click Next
🔹 Choose Complete
🔹 Click Next
🔹 Select Install
🔹 Click Finish

We hope the above discussion would help you resolve the File system error 100 in Sage. In case you are having any issues related to the file system in Sage 50, we would recommend you to get in touch 1800 964 3096 with the experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different File System 100 Error Messages received by Sage Users?

Sage users may receive any of the File system 100 error messages given below-
🔹 Error: “File System Error 100 in file Permiss.dat.”
🔹 “File System Error 100 in file [filename].”
🔹 “File System Error 100 or 3006 in file [Directory]\JRNLHDR.DAT.” 
🔹 Error: “File System Error 3006 in JRNLHDR.DAT” on a standalone.
🔹 Unable to open the program.
🔹 Error: “File System Error 100 in file Serial.dat.”

What Causes the Sage File System Error (-2147219196)?

Some reasons for occurrence of this error are mentioned below-
🔹 Improper shutdown of the system.
🔹 NFS writes error
🔹 Hardware failure or 
🔹 Interruption of utilities.
🔹 Sudden unplugging of the System

What Causes the Sage 50 File System Error (due to loss of network connection)?

Some reasons for occurrence of this error are mentioned below-
🔹 Faulty Windows Power Plan settings
🔹 The server is being rebooted
🔹 Network Interface Cards (NIC) has been in hibernation mode
🔹 A bad NIC sending junk data
🔹 The network router is unplugged
🔹 Loss of network connection between a workstation and the server while running the Sage application.

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