Sage 50 Report not Showing up in Account

Sage Report not showing up in Account

The Sage 50 Accounting software is extremely popular all around the world for its comprehensive reporting tools. It generates a wide array of reports to help you evaluate your business performance. These reports allow you to compare the actual revenues and expenses of your company to that of the budgeted amounts. You can analyze these comprehensive reports to explore possible opportunities to increase revenue, reduce cost and expand the ‘reach’ of your business.

Many users have informed us that they have been troubled by the ‘Sage 50 Report not showing up in Account’ error message of late. If you are one of them, we can be the savior. In this blog, we will look attCZfky8OgQgXDpxDYAn7RAq eaCrq3LOBNEgjK30Szrqk3oT8 TQ1w39AUWTIB6YZY3gpAYV iOwmp3pGEw8gJ 1x V VtZnEd1pLH4OKUpK 44AY1crpHNbffBs1RgfFzt multiple solutions to this common issue. Don’t worry! Just go through this blog, carry out the steps shown here and get rid of this issue, for good!

Here we go!

Possible Reasons for the Occurrence of the Sage 50 Report not Showing up in Account” error message?

Many technical issues may contribute to the occurrence of this issue. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • Damaged RPTDATA.DAT file
  • Damaged RPTDATAI.DAT file
  • Have multiple copies of RPTDATAI.DAT file

How to fix “Sage 50 Report not Showing up in Account” error in Sage 50?

Here, we will show multiple methods to fix this issue –

Total Time: 35 minutes

If the RPTDATA.DAT file is Damaged

🔹 Browse to your data path
🔹 Open the company folder
🔹 Right-click on the RPTDATA.DAT file
🔹 Rename it to RPTDATA.OLD
🔹 Press Enter 
🔹 Now reopen the program
🔹 You will receive a prompt, asking you to create a new, empty file
🔹 Click Yes.
🔹 Check if the issue is resolved. If so, you will need to recreate the custom reports.

Replace the RPTDATAI.DAT file

🔹 Close the Sage application, if open
🔹 Navigate to the location of your data path 
🔹 Right-click on the RPTDATAI.DAT file
🔹 Rename it RPTDATAI.OLD
🔹 Press Enter 
🔹 Go to the Attachments section and download the correct RPTDATAI.DAT file for your particular version 
🔹 Now, save the file in the data path.
🔹 Launch the program to check if the missing reports are back or not

Delete the .DDF Files in the Company Folder

🔹 Browse to the folder that is hosting your company data
🔹 Delete the COSESS.DAT file
🔹 Delete all DDF files in the company data directory
🔹 Launch the program to check if the missing reports are back or not

 If your Workstation is Pointing to a Different Data Path

🔹 Navigate to the mapped drive on the workstation mentioned in the ini file 
🔹 Next, add a new folder and name it as ‘Find Me‘.
🔹 Now, browse to the data path on the server mentioned in the ini file 
🔹 Check if the ‘Find Me’ folder is appearing in that location. If not, the workstation should be re-mapped to the correct location 
🔹 Now update the ini file on the workstation
🔹 Launch the program to check if the missing reports are back or not

We hope the above-mentioned steps would be of help if you are looking to fix the Sage 50 Report not showing up in Account issue. In case you are struggling to perform any of these steps, you should get in touch 1800 964 3096 with some authorized Sage professionals

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