How to Restore Sage Company File Backup

sage 50 Restore a Backup

Taking a backup of your information is a standout among st the most vital assignments you should execute as a part of your typical finance schedules. Sage 50 Payroll contains a Backup Wizard to help make the assignment of taking customary backups basic.

We prescribe that you take general backup of your information, it is likely that handling mistakes are presented, or in defense your information ends up noticeably degraded. Having a current backup implies that you can re-establish to a payroll interval before the issue happened.

Step for to Restore Sage Company File Backups

  • In Sage 50, select File/Restore
  • Click Browse and go to wherever your backup document is (.PTB record), at that point select Open and Next
  • Choose the desired return scheme:
    • Overwrite existing organization information or An Existing Company
    • Create another organization utilizing the re-established information or A New Company (select this choice when you wish to re-establish the backup to another envelope. Doing as such won’t overwrite your current information.)

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  • Choose Next
  • Click the desired reestablish choices:
    • Organization Data
    • Modified Forms
    • Cloud Transactions
    • Intelligence Reporting Reports or Business Intelligence Reports
  • Click Next
  • Check the reestablish choices, and after that select Finish
  • The organization will open once the reestablish finishes

Note: If you need to alter the organization name, you can do as such by maintaining the Company Information.

To Create a Sage 50 Backup:

  • Ensure you are signed into the organization you wish to backup
    • If you have Sage 50 Premium or Quantum be in single-client mode under sysadmin
  • Click on File/Backup
    • You can likewise tap on the Backup symbol (resembles a file organizer) from the toolbar on the highest point of the Home screen
  • In the ‘Wise 50 Accounting – Backup’ window, enter the record name.
    • It would be a smart thought to incorporate the date as a major aspect of this name (ex. UC141222)
  • Choose the organizer where you need to save the reinforcement
    • Do not put the document area inside the .SAJ organizer as this is the envelope that the product moves down
    • The last-utilized backup document is spared and turns into the default for the following backup
    • Do not overwrite a current reinforcement unless you know for sure that it is the thing that you need to do.
  • Select OK to start the backup.

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Final Words!

We, at have high quality Sage professionals who would assist you with the concerns while using the software. It is important that Sage 50 has a backup for all your data.

The information is highly critical since everything is related to the organization. You can call us 24*7 on our Sage 50 helpdesk number 1800 964 3096 and gain insights over your concern from the experts of Sage.

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While you are Restoring Sage Company File Backups, can you also change the Name of your Company File?

Yes, you can easily change the name of your company file. Follow these steps: 
🔹 To start a new company, select “New Company” from the File menu.
🔹 From the Maintain menu, choose Company Information.
🔹 Enter a new value in the “Company Name” field.
🔹 The company name may contain up to 30 characters ( this field is mandatory; it cannot be left blank).
🔹 Update any extra information as necessary.
🔹 Click OK when you’re finished.
🔹 The company now displays your new company name.
🔹 The next time you open Sage 50’s main window, the title bar will display your new company name.

When do you Need to Restore Sage Company File Backups?

In the following cases, you must get your Sage backup restored:
🔹 A data loss occurred.
🔹 Data migration to a new data server.
🔹 An error was made as a result of incorrect data entry.
🔹 System drive malfunction.

Is it Possible to Restore Sage Company File Backup if you have Windows Compatibility Issues?

If you are not able to restore Sage Company File Backup due to Windows compatibility issues, follow these steps: 
🔹 First you need to right-click to start the Sage 50 Accounting software.
🔹 From the drop-down option, choose Properties.
🔹 Select the Compatibility tab from the drop-down menu now.
🔹 Now you need to uncheck the box in compatibility mode for: in the Compatibility mode section.
🔹 Finally, press the OK button to finish.

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