Sage 50 2019 INI File Location

sage 50 2019 ini file location

INI files in Windows are an inert, text files that enclose configuration data that are used by various programs. Most INI files contain data such as windows files or system file locations, required by programs to process. You can open any INI file with Notepad to observe what the file contain. Almost every program that is installed on the computer requires the INI file to run appropriately. So, even when you remove an INI file, it will be recreated by the program that uses it.

So, where are these INI files located and how can you get your Sage 50 2019 INI file location?

  • Press the WINDOWS +E keys on the keyboard
  • Open the File Explorer and locate the directory for INI file
  • For Sage 50 2019 and more: Browse to – C: Program Data > Sage> Peachtree
  • For Sage 50 2018 and less: Browse to- C: Program Files (x86) > Common Files > Peach (OR C: Program Files > Common Files > Peach on the 32 bit computer)
  • Open to the configuration file for the version of Sage 50.

Note: If prompted to choose a program, select Notepad.

  • 2019 Release = peachtree260.ini
  • 2018 Release = peachtree250.ini
  • 2017 Release = peachtree240.ini
  • 2016 Release = peachtree230.ini
  • 2015 Release = peachtree220.ini
  • 2014 Release = peachtree210.ini
  • The INI file for Release 2009 and earlier will be located at C: Windows.
  • To trace the data path, scroll down to the third paragraph then search for the line that starts with DATAPATH-
  • To trace the program path, scroll down to the 6th/7th paragraph and search for the line that starts with PROGRAMPATH-

Updating INI files

Deleting INI files are not advisable, even though it won’t cause serious damage to the computer. If you feel annoyed to see INI files on the Desktop & File Explorer, you can just go to settings, and select the option to hide them. Dial on Accountingadvice tech support number if you are not able to do yourself.

You may need to update the INI file on your workstations after you have made some changes on the Servers. Follow the steps to do so:

For 2019 Release and higher

  • Create mapped drive to shared folder for the Sage 50 to the latest server
  • Browse to (C:ProgramData > Sage > Peachtree & then file PeachtreeXXX.ini) to open the folder
  • Update the Data Path to the latest mapped directory
  • Click on File > Save then select the INI file

Note: In case the folder is hidden, click on the link in Additional information…

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