Fixed Sage ID Conversion and WebSync Wizard Issues

Sage ID conversion and WebSync Wizard Issues

Sage software is a great software that can make all your accounting tasks easy and smooth. Not only mid-size and small organizations but growing start-ups are increasingly shifting to Sage to finish their accounting tasks faster and in a correct way.

While working on any software there might be doubts or questions. It is best to contact Sage 50 tech support team to understand the steps related to resolving Sage 50 technical issues. Get in touch with Sage experts of Accounting Advice team on their toll free number .

Let’s explore more about one Sage related issue.

Fixing Sage ID conversion and WebSync Wizard Problems

Sage ID Conversion and WebSync Wizard Issues Error message that is displayed shows: “Authentication problem. We are unable to authenticate your credentials at this time.”

  • Sage 50 has to be closed and then re-opened again. Keep trying WebSync again.
  • Check if the email address and password are correct.
  • Reset your Passport password if the syncing is taking place for the first time after the Sage ID implementation.
  • If this error message is displayed after already logging into the WebSync Wizard and after the Sage ID conversion, you may have to reset the Sage ID password.
  • Modify Internet or security settings. If the error persists, please contact Sage technical support team at Accounting Advice

Error message that is displayed shows “Unable to connect”, “Unexpected error”. It asks to type in the PIN many times or goes back to the same screen after clicking Next.

  • Sage 50 has to be closed and reopened again. Then keep trying the WebSync Wizard again.

Error message that is displayed shows “An error has occurred in the script on this page. Error: Member not found.”

  • It might lead to affecting users of Internet Explorer.
  • Choosing ‘Yes’ on the script error will make the WebSync Wizard to go to the next screen. It will however, hang when processing the Sage ID conversion.
  • There is as such no sure-shot resolution for the script error but a workable way to implement the Sage ID conversion is to:
    • Open a web browser, go to, and log in with your WebSync credentials. The Sage ID conversion should then occur. You will only need to do this step one time.
    • Go back to the WebSync Wizard in Sage 50. Script error will display. Click ‘Yes’ until the error goes away.
    • Log in. The WebSync Wizard should process normally. Once the script error is resolved, WebSync will run normally.

(Source: Sage Community forums and

Upgradation to Internet Explorer 11 will also Help in fixing this error.

Final Words!

In case you are confused regarding the above steps and want to understand in detail, then contact Accounting Advice. Their instant resolutions will make working on Sage much easier.

What is Accounting Advice?

The Accounting Advice is a special team of Sage experts. The customer support executives at Accounting Advice are delightfully efficient and provide lightening fast resolutions.

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They will help you to understand the software first and then troubleshoot your issues if required. They are available 24*7. The toll free Sage 50 technical support number is . Call now for any issues or do Live Chat with our Sage support team or email us-

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