Sage 50 User ID and Password not Working

Sage User and Password Not Working

Here are some of the possible reasons behind mismatch of Sage 50 User ID and Password or there can be some issues at the time of installation/update or upgrade.

There is nothing like the demolish feeling that you encounter an error while running Sage 50 or unable to log into your company file. Usually, it happens the same as other online accounting software. Sometimes the user forgets the user Id/password and after so many attempts they fail to log into their Sage account. So, don’t get panic, this blog will resolve you all issue you face while entering the login credentials. Before going to get more knowledge about this issue, ensure that you remember your registered email Id that you used while purchasing this product. 

Reason Behind Sage User ID and Password Not Working:

  • Check that user tries to log-in to the right company.
  • Username and Password can be case sensitive. Make sure you keep it right while entering credentials
  • Make sure that you use the same credentials as you entered at the time of setup; for an instance, do not interchange username and password. If interchanged, it would give error.
    • If you don’t know or forgot your user name, open the directory of your company and search for *.cax and *.cac; if you find any of the file with this extension, the file is user name file: for instance, BOB is the user name of file cax.
  • If the user has a setup in the previous version of Sage 50. The username has limit of up to 16 characters and the password is limited to 9 characters, enter credentials to the full characters as it takes and then press enter.
  • Open Notepad or Microsoft Word, type your password and check whether all the key strokes are entered properly or not. If not rectify keystroke and correct. Now, copy the password and paste it into the password field.
  • All the password can be reset by Administrator User; Log-in as an admin, follow all the instructions;

Steps for Fix Sage 50 User ID and Password not Working

Total Time: 35 minutes

Method I: Reset User Password, Follow the Instruction Mentioned Below:

💠 If user is able to log in as admin, look at Answer ID 12413, this will instruct you the process of resetting user password.
💠 Now, check that user is now able to log-in or not.

“If the admin user is log in, follow the instruction as it is mentioned below”

Method II: If User, Mistakenly, Opens Wrong Company File

💠 Once you open the program, click on the browse to locate all companies.
💠 Now, click on the company you want to open.
💠 Now, try to login and check if you are successful in logging-in or not.

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Method III: If User is Not Registered or Doesn’t Have License

💠 Log-in to your company with Admin User Rights
💠 Follow the path
💠 Click on Maintain–>Users–>Set Up Security
💠 You will see the License box right next to the user name, click on the check box.
💠 Now, select OK.
💠 Now, in the user system, try to log-in to your company with Admin Rights.
💠 Check that the user is still tagged unlicensed or it is licensed.
💠 Try to log-in with user name, the user will be able to log-in.

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For More Assistance:

Hopefully, the above-mentioned information clears your all concerns regarding this matter Sage 50 User Id and Password Not Working. If you find any difficulty while implementing the given solutions, feel free to connect with Sage’s expertise via the Sage 50 live chat, the link is visible at the right bottom of the website. However, you can write and mail your all queries to this email address [email protected]. The team of Sage expertise fixes your all issues as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why I am Unable to Login into Sage 50?

Ans: Firstly, the user required to clear the internet browser history, cookies, and cache. After this, again try to log into the correct user id and password. If still unable then try to login into another internet browser.

Q2. How can I Reset my Sage 50 Admin Password?

Ans: ➤ Go to the List menu and choose the User
➤ Hit the next click on the “Reset Password” option
➤ Required to fill the new password for the user in both sections
➤ Click on the OK and Close button
➤ Now, the user has to login with a new password
➤ Hit the OK button to reset the password
➤ Go to the old password section and enter the new password, the issue is resolved

Q3. How Would I Locate the Sage Encryption Password?

Ans: ➤ First of all, open the file
➤ Then, go to the Sage drive management center
➤ Hit the next click on the “Forgot Password
➤ Enter your mail address and answers to all given security questions
➤ Code will be received in your registered email
➤ Copy that code and paste it into the given section
➤ Then, you create a new password with registered specifications.

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