How to Fix Sage 50 Error Opening Company.asd

Sage error opening company.asd

This error usually occurs when the Sage user wishes to access the forms through Aatrix. To do this, the user needs to enter the Federal Tax ID Number to generate W2s and W3s in Aatrix. Once done the user then needs to perform the required changes to the Federal Tax ID number or when accessing the company forms. It was then that Sage 50 Error Opening Company. and will occur. When this error occurs, the work pattern can be disrupted and the overall functioning of the software is also affected. Now, let us take a look at some of the main reasons for this error to occur:

However, one thing that needs to be considered is that no accounting software is free from errors completely. Therefore, all users should consult Sage experts periodically to understand the intricacies of the software and resolve the Sage errors in a better way. One such Sage 50 error is “Error opening company.asd”.

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Reasons for Sage 50 Error Opening Company.asd

This Sage 50 Error Opening Company.asd normally occurs when the Sage 50 user is trying to access forms using Aatrix. The user enters Federal tax ID number and generates W2s and W3s in Aatrix. After that, when the user makes changes to the Federal Tax ID number or while accessing the company forms, this error might pop up. This error can disrupt your work pattern as the overall software stops normal functioning. Two basic reasons can be company EIN has been changed in Sage DacEasy. Another reason can be related to the Federal employee identification.

Fix Sage 50 Error Opening Company.asd

  • The user needs to edit, choose Federal Tax. Then the user needs to update the Employer Identification name (EIN) with the Old Federal ID before the Change and then one has to click on OK.
  • Then a backup of the current company files have to be taken.
  • Then the user needs to go to, edit, federal tax, then update the Employer identification name (EIN) with the new number
  • Choose OK to save changes.
  • One more backup needs to be created. Create it with a new title and do not verwrite the first backup.
  • A new (copy) company needs to be created.
  • The previous backup needs to be restored.
  • Then the user needs to go to File, choose Open. After that, opt for new company as the new default company
  • The new company needs to be closed and then open original company.
  • Next user needs to go to edit, federal tax, after that the EIN needs to be changed back to the original number.
  • Choose OK to so that changes can be saved.
  • The user needs to exit from the original company and then go to the new company. This will be the company file for future usage.
  • Add this new company on any networked system and make it the default one.

For proper understanding of the above steps and to get a complete view of the resolution in a step by step manner, it is recommended to get in touch with Accounting Advice experts. This Sage technical support team is highly trained in dealing with Sage related errors.

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Final Words

So, there you have it friends, these are some of the main aspects, factors, and features regarding the ‘Sage 50 Error opening Company. asd’. However, if you still are facing the same issue all over again, be sure to visit us at and you are sure to like the details offered there.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Sage 50 has Detected that you have used the Key Code?

In case you wish to install Sage 50 on an additional system (n+1), you will encounter an error that states the maximum number of users that is allowed by the license agreement which has already been reached. The number of users licensed to connect simultaneously over the data may have already been connected, and adding a new connection will exceed the permitted user limit.

Why is My Sage 50 not Opening?

In case you encounter this problem after the installation of an update, you need to attempt to reinstall the update before you proceed. Launch the Windows start menu and click on the Control Panel. It is from here that you need to navigate to Programs and Features. Next , you need to uninstall Sage 50cloud Accounts. Finally, clear the temporary files.

How do you Find the Error in Sage 50?

To check for errors in Sage 50 Accounts, follow these steps: Click on “File,” then select “Maintenance,” and choose “Check Data.” The Check Data option will analyze the data files to detect errors and categorize them into the following groups: Errors that must be resolved before further processing can occur and they will continue to appear until resolved.

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