How to Fix Sage Drive Failing to Upload

To Fix Sage Drive Failing to Upload

There are times, when using Sage, that an error might occur because the selected sage drive company is still using the out-dated version. For this the data or the file should have been upgraded to the Sage Accounts Version which has been installed before the current company file can be accessed. Also the Sage Drive problem does not create a problem just by itself, as you may also face various Errors like sage error 1607 and sage accpac error 49153.

Causes of the Error “Sage Drive Failing to Upload”

While uploading the data to sage drive some time a below error comes. There are some initial steps that we need to take care to avoid this error.

For more details, here is a look at some of the main causes:

There are three main causes for the Sage Drive problem. Before you proceed for any of the solution methods, you are required to identify the exact reason for the problem.

  • The Sage Accounts’ remote site has been upgraded to the latest version but the main site has not been upgraded.
  • The main site was not upgraded but the remote site was upgraded and data has been finalized.
  • The system with the main site is no longer available.

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Resolution of the Error “Sage Drive Failing to Upload”

To solve the issue just follow the below steps.

Step 1: Check your Company Name

  • Go to Settings>>Company Preferences>>Details>>Name
  • Check there for the company name, if not given enter your company name and make sure not to use any alphanumeric characters. If the company name is available to delete it, re-enter the company name without using any alphanumeric characters.
  • Click OK

Try to upload the data to sage drive if it becomes fail to go to the next step.

Step 2: Check if you have a Stable Network Connection which Meets the Requirements

Cable Connection – Check if your computer is connected to the internet via cable. Wireless connections can become unstable instead of a Cable connection.

Internet Speed – You need a Broadband internet connection while working with sage drive. Make sure that your internet connection meets the below requirements.

  • Upload speed should be 2 Mbps or higher
  • The download speed should be 4 Mbps or higher

Step 3: Stop Sage Process

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del all together then go to Start task manager >>process tab
  • Search the Backupstandaloneapp, Checkdatastandaloneapp, Restorestandaloneapp process and stop them all

Now try to upload data again if still, failed to go to the next step

Step 4: Reinstall the Latest Sage 50 Account Service Pack

  • Press Windows+R on the keyboard
  • Enter Services.msc>>ok>>right click on the services which needs to stop>>Stop
  • Stop these services
    • Sage 50 Accounts service
    • Sage 50 Accounts remote application
    • Sage 50 Accounts control
  • Download the latest service pack and reinstall it
  • Press Windows Key +R on your keyboard
  • Type Services.msc and click ok
  • Check the status of these services which are mentioned above and check if these are set to start.
  • If it is not showing, click on the services and Start the services

Attempt to upload the data again, if not uploaded successfully go to the next step

Step 5: Check TLS Settings

  • Go to control Panel>>Internet options>>Advanced Tab>>Settings>>under security, check if all the TLS options are selected
  • Reset your Internet Explorer Settings
  • Go to Control Panel>>Internet Options>>Advanced Tab>>Reset>> Reset>>Close>>Ok

Again try to upload the data, if still not done go to the next step

Step 6: Change the Default Web Browser

  • Internet Explorer– To change your browser to internet explorer go to Tools >>Internet Options>>Program tab>>Default web browser>>Make default
  • Google Chrome– To change your browser to google chrome go to Chrome menu icon>>Settings>>Default Browser>>Make google chrome default browser

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Final Words

So, you see, once the data has been synchronized, it can take time and a number of factors that are the main reasons for the influence of the software and internet connection speed. Hence, if the message is still displayed within the software, you need to follow the specified steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can one Run a Repair on Sage?

In case you run Check Data in Sage 50 Accounts v26 and above and there are still fixable errors discovered, then the Fix your errors message will appear. It is from here that you can choose Run repair inorder to attempt to fix the errors.

How can a User Run a Repair on Sage 50 Data?

Within the Windows located on the Start Menu, select All Programs, Sage, and then Sage 50 Accounting. This is followed by Company File Check and Repair. With in Company Data File, you need to click Browse inorder to select the file you wish to scan. Finally you need to select the type of scan you wish to do.

Can Sage Work Offline?

In case you select to work offline, you need to advise anyone who is connected to your data using the Remote Data Access inorder to stop the processing, otherwise they will lose their work once you go back online. Inorder to discard the changes and close Sage Accounts you need to click Close.

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