How to Purge Unnecessary Data from Sage 50?

Purge Unnecessary Data from Sage

No wonder why the Sage 50 accounting software is extremely popular these days, among businesses and accounting professionals alike. With an unmatched assembly of useful tools and functions, Sage 50 has been able to fulfil the accounting needs of its users.

In this blog, we will look atGY7b zqTi52GCR TOILoKuGdwmrTNFYFYwZCrJbKfO27ApI77S6mxJRNgx TSJudYwzlDE64mxvyAHH4 ii99iTA1dNQHIwGbkxUbNJ61Js 0esql9prar 8EwSBLSSrgJMe ZAG and address one common question asked by Sage 50 users- that is, how to purge unnecessary data from the Sage 50 application. Go through the blog if you want to get rid of unwanted data and free up space to make your application run faster.

What is the Procedure to Purge Unnecessary Data in Sage 50?

You can start the purge process with the help of the Purge Wizard. But you will need to make a backup before starting the process. We would rather recommend you make two backups- one for the current reference and another to be stored for emergency needs.

Please follow the procedure below to begin the Purge process-

  • from the Sage 50 menu bar, click Tasks
  • go to System >>Purge Wizard
  • on the Purge Wizard Welcome Screen, click Next.
  • The wizard would prompt you to make a backup before continuing. After completing the backup, you will be directed back to this window again
  • Click Next. The Old Transactions window will appear
  • It will enable you to choose the unwanted transactions you wish to purge.
  • Enter the date by which the transactions can be purged.
  • Click on the Transactions group box
  • Choose the transactions you need to purge.
    • Click Payables in case you want to delete transactions like purchase orders, purchases, and payments.
    • Click Receivables if you want to delete transactions like quotes, invoices, and receipts.
    • Click Inventory to remove adjustment and assemblies transactions.
    • Click on Payroll to delete unwanted payroll transactions.
    • Click on Audit Trails to remove the company audit trail data (available in Sage 50 Complete Accounting and higher only)
    • Choose General Journals to purge journals, along with their entries.
    • Click on Unused Tickets to remove unused time and expense tickets (available in Sage 50 Complete Accounting and higher only). Next, enter a date by which you want such tickets to be purged.
    • Choose Used Tickets to remove expense and time tickets used in sales & payroll (available in Sage 50 Complete Accounting and higher only).
  • Click Next to proceed
  • The Account Reconciliation window will appear. It will let you specify if you want to use account reconciliation and which accounts need reconciling before purging.
    • If you click Yes, go to the grid at the bottom and select the accounts to reconcile before purging.
    • For each account category that needs reconciliation, double-click the arrow to drop down through the list of individual accounts. An account reconciled in the past will be shown by default.
    • Mark the check box for every individual account to reconcile. In this case, any transactions belonging to the account yet to be reconciled will not be purged- regardless of the date
  • Click Next to proceed
  • The Inactive Maintenance Records window will appear. It will let you specify the types of inactive maintenance records you wish to purge. You can purge such records only if they have a zero balance and are not used by any of the transactions.
  • Mark the checkboxes for every type of inactive maintenance record you need to purge:
  • When finished, click Next to proceed
  • Once you finished making all the choices, a summary of your options will be displayed on the screen. This will help you decide whether to start the purge or go back and make the required changes before purging.
  • If you are satisfied. Click to start the purge process
  • Once the process is complete, click on the Log button to review what data has been purged

We hope the steps mentioned above would help you decide whether to opt for deleting or voiding a payroll in Sage 50. If you have any more queries, we would recommend you consult 1800 964 3096 with some authorized Sage experts.

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