Error: Sage Balance Sheet not Balancing

Error: Sage balance sheet not balancing

In this article, the discussion is done about the Error: Sage balance sheet not balancing. For this you must know why this error happens into your account. There are main reasons like consolidated companies or General Ledger Trial Balance is out of balance. The other reason can be your assets and liabilities are not equal. So, you must check these things first. There are many more reasons that are listed below.

All the possible solutions are mentioned below in detailed steps. So just follow and process it to fix the problem.

What is Sage Balance Sheet?

The Sage balance sheet is the face of your business’s financial records on that given date. It helps in identifying the finances of business, owner’s equity, etc. using the Sage balance sheet you can also check your relationship with the vendors and customers. The small businesses do understand fast about the worth of their business using the balance sheet. You can run the balance sheet report into your Sage account easily.

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What are the causes that trigger the Error: Sage balance sheet not balancing?

Few causes are here that you have to know about. There is a list of reasons that helps you to identify the reason for the error that you are facing. The list of reasons is as follows:-

  • The transactions are corrupted
  • Subsidiary companies have no balance or out of balance
  • There are some specific accounts or segments for which General Ledger Trial balance is being filtered
  • Custom report is damaged
  • The type of the accounts are changed
  • The account has the balance but should be zero
  • The General Ledger account is missing in the Custom report.

What are the best solutions to resolve the balance sheet not balancing problem?

Here are the best solutions that you have to implement to fix the Error: Sage balance sheet not balancing. Implement the solutions and then resolve it and then proceed towards your work. The solutions are:-

Solution- The report is damaged or not properly customized:

  • Firstly, check if you are using the Trial Balance Report or the Balance Sheet report that is customized
  • Then Run the Standard version of report
  • Now, if the Standard version if also don’t have the balance or is out of balance
  • You have to go with the next solution otherwise continue with next step
  • Delete the customized report if custom version is out of balance
  • Then recreate it with the help of the standard report by taking it as the starting point or you can correct the custom report

Solution- Run the Chart of Accounts or run the Journal Synchronization test:

  • First of all, run the Journal Synchronization test or the Chart of Accounts
  • After that, run the Journal balances test
  • Then click on the Help menu in Sage account
  • Further, select the Utilities option
  • Click on the Integrity Check option and proceed forward
  • Press the button Continue
  • In the Journal Balances box, click on it to select it
  • After that, click on the OK button
  • You have to run the General Ledger Balances Test
  • Then select the option Help
  • Again, click on the Utilities option
  • Go to the option Integrity Check and click on it
  • Select Continue to proceed
  • Click on the box of General Ledger Balances to select it then click on the button OK
  • You have to verify the report that it is now in balance.

Solution- Transactions are Corrupted or Damaged:

  • Go to the Reports and Forms
  • Further, select the General Ledger
  • Click on the Report of General Ledger
  • Now click on the “Options”
  • You have to change the option Time Frame to All
  • After that, click on the OK button to continue
  • On your screen, if error “At least one damaged transaction has been found in account (ID) in the period beginning (Date)….” occurs
  • Then you have to run the Integrity Check or the Data verification to fix it.

Solution- The consolidated company has no balance or out of balance:

  • From the Subsidiary companies, open any one of it
  • Then click on the Reports and Forms
  • Now click on the General Ledger
  • You have to double-click on the General Ledger Trial Balance
  • After that, scroll down in it
  • Are debits equal to credits?
    1. If they don’t match then run the solution of Chart of Accounts or Journal synchronization report
    2. If they match then proceed to next step
  • You have to repeat the above steps for all the Subsidiary companies
  • Then Reconsolidate the consolidated company
  • After that, verify that the consolidated company is in balance.

Solution- Some specific accounts or segments for which General Ledger Trial balance is being filtered:

  • First of all, run the standard General Ledger Trial balance report without having any filter
  • After that, verify the ending totals of debit and credit that agree with each other.


You get to know that the Error: Sage balance sheet not balance happens when the balance of the General Ledger Trial balance is out of balance or the liabilities and assets are not equal, or the account balance is zero, etc. so it is all about your report balances or any mistake you have done into your reports. You must check and find the reason behind the error to get it fixed.

For further assistance, you can reach the Sage helpdesk team to share the problem and get the solution. The team members are trained to resolve all the problems that you get. You just have to dial a toll-free number 1800 964 3096, send an email, or do a live chat with experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I change the Accounting Period?

Ans. ✔ Go to the Tasks
✔ Then click on the System
✔ After that, choose option Change Accounting Period
✔ Now, you have to select the accounting period you want to opens up then click on the OK button
You have to click on the No button if the following questions arrived on your screen:-
➤ Would you like to run an Internal Accounting review?
➤ Would you like to print your invoices or checks before continuing?
➤ Would you like to print your reports before continuing?
✔ Then the current accounting period will change to the selected period.

Q2. What are the steps to run the Data verification?

Ans. ✔ First of all, change the accounting Period
✔ Then click on the File menu
✔ Further, select the option Data Verification
✔ Click on the Both Tests
✔ Then click on the Start button
✔ You have to save the Backup. When it is completed then the data test starts automatically
✔ If you get the same error then do run the Integrity check
✔ If there is no error then while having the data verification test
✔ You have to change the accounting period back to the current period
✔ Then run the report of General Ledger.

Q3. What are all the informative things that are supposed to be done into the balance sheet so you won’t get the Error: Sage balance sheet not balance?

Ans. These informative things are like:-
✔ You have to post all the entries properly
✔ The transactions should processed in the correct account
✔ The transactions you entered must takes place
✔ Enter the transaction in the correct period.

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