How to Print T5018 in Sage?

To Print T5018 in Sage

T5018 is a Canadian tax form used to report payments made to subcontractors or contractors for construction services. Sage is an accounting software that can help you generate and file T5018 forms.

Sage 50 T5018 refers to slips that includes information that is accorded to a contractor and to the CRA for information. Accounts Payable can also be used to track payments of vendors who are subjected to CPRS reporting. At last, you can print this report. To find information of the form content, go through A/P Print T5018 (CPRS) Forms Screen.

To set up T5018 reporting in Sage, you’ll need to:

  • Make sure you have set up your vendor records properly, including the necessary information such as the vendor’s name, address, and tax identification number.
  • Record all payments made to subcontractors or contractors for construction services using the appropriate accounts.
  • Set up the T5018 form in Sage by selecting “T4/T4A/T5/T5018 Forms” from the “Reports & Forms” section.
  • Generate the T5018 form by selecting the appropriate tax year, vendor, and payment information.
  • Review the form to make sure all the information is accurate, then print or file the form as required by the Canada Revenue Agency.

It’s important to ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date to avoid any potential penalties issues with the CRA.

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What is Reported in Print T5018 in Sage?

T5018 form is basically employed by individuals, partnership and trust entities that are working in the field of construction as their main income source. They provide details regarding the payments made to subcontractors like amount credited or paid through cheque, cash or barter system etc for the construction services rendered. The details reported are further determined on the aspect of the contractors / subcontractors residency. If the subcontractor is a resident of Canada (for services both inside and outside Canada), then the payments made under Contract will be included on the Contract Payment Information Return that will also add the summary and slip of T5018.

When to Print T5018 in Sage

CPRS reports is usually printed at the end of every year (this should be calendar year), once you enter all the transaction of the calendar year.

To Print T5018 in Sage the Report

  • Select Accounts Payable –> click on A/P Vendor Reports –> now, give print command for printing T5018 (CPRS) Forms.
  • Click on report option. Follow the instruction mentioned below:
    • For Tax Year. Click on the year to see the CPRS data for that particular year.
    • Now, use form. Click on the name in CPRS form to use that name.
    • If you are not aware of the name in CPRS form, go to browse and then click on the form from the list that comes out.
    • Now, enter the business number.
    • Now, select a particular range of business number.
  • CPRS Code. Click on range to select CPRS code.
    • Here, you need to test CPRS form and its alignment in the printer, select preview button.
    • Now, repeat this step as it is necessary.
    • Click on print.

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Final Words

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is a T5018 Form?

A T5018 form is a Canadian tax form that businesses are required to file if they have paid $500 or more to subcontractors or other businesses for construction services. The form is used to report the payments made to these contractors, as well as their contact information and Social Insurance Number (SIN).

How do I Access the T5018 Form in Sage?

To access the T5018 form in Sage, go to the “Reports and Forms” section and select “Government Forms”. From there, you should be able to find the T5018 form.

Can I Print T5018 Forms Directly from Sage?

Yes, you can print T5018 forms directly from Sage. Simply fill out the necessary information for the form, preview it to make sure everything looks correct, and then select “Print” to print the form.

Can I save T5018 Forms as a PDF in Sage?

Yes, you can save T5018 forms as a PDF or other file format in Sage. Instead of selecting “Print,” choose “Save As” and then select the desired file format.

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