Facing Issues with Printing Statement in Sage 50

Printing Statement in Sage 50

Sage 50 statements are produced to help the clients and customers get an overview of the status of their account. User can select a particular date range and product an overall statement that shows all the transactions and calculate the total invoiced items so they can understand whats paid and what is outstanding.

There are different criteria to print a statement in Sage 50. You can either select the customers on individual basis or choose a range depending on their code or all account balances pertaining to different customers that are higher than a particular amount.

The statement can be sent via email to the customer or it can be saved in a PDF or a CSV format. There is also an option of auto generating the monthly statement which can be then sent to the customer automatically by email.

Steps for Fix Issue Printing Your Statement in Sage 50

Total Time: 35 minutes

Section I: Check the Credit-Balance Statements

💠 Click on Maintain > Go to Default Information > Select Statement/Invoices
💠 You can select from various options:
💠 Include company name, address, and phone/faxes
💠 Whether to print zero or credit-balance statements
💠 Define the minimum balance required for a statement to get generated
💠 Printing statements for accounts with no activity

Section II: Setting up Customers to Receive their Statements via Email

💠 Click Maintain > Go to Customers/Prospects
💠 Select the Customer ID > Click on the Sales Info tab
💠 Choose Forms Options > Set the Batch delivery method to E-mail mode

Section III: To Run Customer Statements:

💠 Click on Reports & Forms > Forms > Click Customer Statements
💠 In the Preview & Print you can choose your desired statement
💠 There are two types of Customer Statement available: Balance Forward and Open Items
💠 Balance Forward: These statements displays a consolidated unpaid balance from month to month balance pertaining to a customer along with unpaid balance carried forward from previous month displayed on the top .
💠 Open Item: This gives an option to show each outstanding invoice but does not bear the previous balance on the statement

Facing Issues With Printing Your Statement In Sage 50? Contact AccountingAdvice

Printing Statement errors like printing a report and then exporting to PDF, or you may need to update the Report Designer Service Pack. There may be instances when the statements may take more time to print, or you may be unable to email a statement and an error “”Your MAPI compliant, default e-mail application could not be started ”pops up or sometimes “e-mail” function in Sage 50 returns a -30 error.

You do not have to worry about the statement printing issues like these as AccountingAdvice is here to help. We can handle all Sage related errors with ease. All our advisers are experienced and well trained with the right set of tools to analyze and fix any problem related to Sage 50.

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